Two Charged With Separate Drug Offences



TWO men were charged with drug possession in separate incidents in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

James McCartney, 23, appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis after officers seized two ounces of Indian hemp from him around 6.20pm on April 28.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was ordered to attend an outpatient programme at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre (SRC).

Prosecutor Kenny Thompson told the court on the day in question, officers were on mobile patrol in the Coral Lakes area when they observed two vehicles at a nearby park. The officers approached one of the vehicles and asked three male occupants to exit the car. They then informed them that they would be searching them in reference to dangerous drugs and firearms. Sgt Thompon said while searching one of the males, officers found suspected marijuana in his waistband. The suspect was identified as James McCartney. When interviewed at the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), he admitted to the offence and said that he had bought the drugs from a male in Gambier for $150.

During the hearing, McCartney was represented by attorney Tonique Lewis. She told Magistrate Rolle-Davis that her client was a young male with a clean record. She also noted that he was remorseful for his actions and asked the court to exercise leniency when imposing a penalty.

Meanwhile, Marcellus Pratt, 28, was also charged after officers seized two clear Ziploc bags containing suspected marijuana from his pants pockets on April 22. He also pleaded guilty and was ordered to attend an outpatient programme at SRC.

Sgt Thompson said around 4.10pm that afternoon, officers were on mobile patrol near Grenada Crescent when they observed a male riding a motorcycle. They beckoned for the cyclist to stop and searched him. Once the drugs were found, Pratt was arrested and taken to the DEU where he admitted to buying the drugs through a corner off Baillou Hill Road.

Pratt was represented by attorney Ian Cargill. He told Magistrate Rolle-Davis that his client cooperated at the police station and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. He also said that Pratt was making plans to attend university abroad and asked the magistrate to consider counselling instead of a custodial sentence.

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