Man Admits Threatening To Kill Neighbour With Cutlass



THREE men were charged yesterday with assaulting people with dangerous instruments in three separate incidents.

Kemuel Stuart, 30, appeared in Magistrate’ Court charged with assaulting his neighbour with a cutlass and threatening to take his life as well as violating the lockdown on May 2. He pleaded guilty to all three charges and was remanded to prison.

Sgt Thompson said Stewart’s neighbour, Cornell Forbes, said around 11am that day Stewart approached him with a cutlass and threatened to “chap and murder him”. As a result, Stewart was arrested and taken to the East Street South Police Station. During an interview under caution the next day, Sgt Thompson said Stewart admitted to being in an argument with the complainant and a woman over parking on his lawn.

During the hearing, Stewart told the magistrate he was a hardworking young man who had recently lost his mother in February. He also said the argument happened because his neighbours didn’t think he was going to amount to anything.

As a result, Stewart was remanded into custody. Senior Magistrate Derence said he would send a note for the defendant to be evaluated while there. The case was adjourned to July 23.

Another man - William Major, 66 - appeared before Magistrate Rolle-Davis charged with assaulting two security officers with his 2002 Chevrolet truck on April 28.

He pleaded guilty but was discharged after the magistrate discovered the statements given by the two complainants contradicted each other.

Prosecutor Kenny Thompson told the court around 8.05am on the day in question, Jullian Farrington told officers that a male in a truck had tried to knock him and Kieto Kerr down near Tonique Williams Darling Highway. Sgt Thompson said both men requested police action, which resulted in Major’s arrest. When taken to a nearby police station to be interviewed, Major denied the allegations.

During the hearing, Major was represented by attorney Ian Cargill, who told Magistrate Rolle-Davis that the incident had come out of a misunderstanding. Mr Cargill explained his client was given some tyres by a friend at the city dump. He said at the time, the security guards had tried to take the tyres away from Major so he “pulled off and left”. Mr Cargill insisted Major was extremely remorseful for his actions and asked the magistrate to refrain from imposing a custodial sentence. As a result, the case was dismissed.

Leroy Sweeting, 26, was also charged with assaulting a woman with a cutlass on May 3.

He denied the allegation and the matter was adjourned to June 30 for trial. He was denied bail and remanded to prison in the interim.

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