Man Jailed For Stealing Water Pump


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN accused of stealing a water pump from a local bar and restaurant was sentenced to four months in prison on Friday.

Tarin Brown, 43, appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes, charged with stealing.

Police said on April 28, Brown stole a water pump valued at $989 from Four Quarters Bar and Restaurant, located on Sapodilla Boulevard.

Brown, who pleaded guilty, told the court he had stolen the pump and sold it because he needed money to buy food to eat.

“I knew I was wrong, but I was hungry and that’s why I took the water pump,” he said.

Brown told the court he works in “roofing” construction, but hasn’t been able to find any jobs due to the COVID-19 restrictions

In response, Magistrate Forbes asked Brown if he couldn’t clean cars as a means of income, and Brown replied “yes.”

Telling Brown there are consequences to his actions, Forbes gave him a custodial sentence of four months at the Bahamas Correctional Department, adding that he has the right to appeal the sentence to the Court of Appeal within seven days.

Peter Lee, 41, also appearing before Magistrate Forbes on Friday, was charged with housebreaking.

It is alleged that on March 21, Lee broke in and entered the house of Dillon Baker on Eleuthera Island Shores with intent” to commit a crime.

Lee pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Magistrate Forbes adjourned the matter, saying it will be heard by the court in Governor’s Harbour.

Bail was denied and Lee was remanded to prison.

Meanwhile, Lester Johnson, 42, was charged with trespassing and vagrancy.

It is alleged that on April 27, Johnson trespassed on Jeffery Maura’s premises situated on the Eastern Road.

Johnson, who pleaded guilty, told the court he only went on the property to fill his jug with water.

In response, Magistrate Forbes told Johnson he shouldn’t have entered Maura’s yard without his permission as some people tend to react negatively when unknown persons enter on their property without notice.

Apologising for his actions, Johnson said he would never go on the premises again.

As a result, he was ordered to pay $50 or face one month in jail.

Johnson was also fined an additional $150 for vagrancy after being found by police at a New Moon residence around 2.30pm on April 30.

Police said after Johnson was unable to give a satisfactory account as to why he was in the area, officers took him into custody.

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