We Need A Multi-Step Approach

EDITOR, The Tribune

In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), a multi-step plan should be enacted.

As some people can have the virus but have no symptoms, the virus will continue to spread and it will be extremely difficult to solve this problem. It also leads to other serious problems such as the current economic fiasco that we are facing, erosion of freedom, and probably civil unrest, etc.

A quick, accurate test for the coronavirus is critical. It should be available for everyone. It should be done by qualified individuals who know how to administer the test and read the results. A copy of the results should be given to each person. Those who have the virus should be treated and allowed to self-quarantine until they no longer carry the virus. People who are not infected and are at a low risk of being infected should take precautions and be allowed to work.

Reports indicate that the coronavirus has mutated. So this factor should also be taken into consideration.

It seems that the virus either originated from the market in Wuhan or the Chinese lab near the market. (I think there are two labs that work with extremely dangerous viruses that are close to the market).

If we do not address the source of the problem we will continue to have the same problem occur over and over again.



March 29, 2010


Bobsyeruncle 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Unfortunately, at the present time, the tests for the virus are not "Point of Use" tests that can be read immediately by the person taking the nasal swab sample. The sample has to be taken to an appropriate diagnostic lab to obtain the results. It's my understanding that there is currently a backlog of samples at most of the labs so there can be a 1-2 week wait to get some results


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