Doctor Tells Fox Hill Shooting Case Of Treating Victim



A MEDICAL expert yesterday recounted the moment he examined one of the survivors of the 2013 Fox Hill mass shooting and how he gave treatment to prevent further loss of blood from the victim’s neck, shoulder and mouth.

Dr Sergio Kerr, taking the witness stand before Justice Deborah Fraser, said it was 6pm on December 27, 2013 when he first examined one of the victims from the deadly shooting.

Dr Kerr said after the patient came to the Princess Margaret Hospital, he conducted an examination and found injuries to the left side of the patient’s neck and shoulder and also within the roof of the patient’s mouth.

“These wounds were actively bleeding. Compression was applied,” he said.

Dr Kerr said while the injuries were serious, he didn’t think they were life-threatening due to the treatment provided at the time.

“He received suctioning and oxygen therapy for treatment. Short time later, the patient felt better in terms of breathing and vital signs,” he told the court . “We were able to control the bleeding and the patient improved.”

While testifying, Dr Kerr said based on the treatment given, he made a notation on a document provided by police, indicating the injuries were not likely to be fatal.

While being cross-examined by defence attorney Geoffrey Farquharson, Dr Kerr was asked about the origin of the injuries seeing that he included gunshot wounds in the police form he had partially filled out.

However, Dr Kerr told the court he could not confirm the direct cause of the wounds.

“I can’t say what caused it, but only what the patient reported… no bullet was found,” he responded to Mr Farquharson’s questions.

Asked by Mr Farquharson if he knew the patient, Dr Kerr also said: “No, I am not friends. I never met him before.”

Dr Albury’s evidence came during the trial of Peter Rolle, Jermaine Curry and Justin Williams concerning the December 27, 2013 shooting at Freedom Park.

He is not the first medical doctor who has appeared as a witness during the trial to provide an account of survivors’ injuries.

Williams, Rolle and Curry are accused of murdering four people – Claudezino Davis, Shaquille Demeritte, Eric Morrison and Shenique Sands on that date.

They are also charged with attempting to murder Janet Davis, Samuel Ferguson, Chino Davis, John Davis, Jermaine Pratt and Leroy Taylor.

According to initial reports from police, around the same time on December 27, 2013, occupants of a vehicle opened fire in the area just behind the basketball court near Fox Hill park where several people were gathered awaiting Junkanoo results.

One of the victims was pronounced dead at the scene while several others were taken to hospital in private vehicles and an ambulance. Three later died in hospital of their injuries, according to earlier reports.

Curry is represented by attorney Murrio Ducille, Rolle is represented by Sonia Timothy, and Williams is represented by Mr Farquharson.

The case continues.

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