Haitian Man And Woman Accused Of Assault, Putting A Child In Harm's Way

By Farah Johnson


A HAITIAN man and woman were charged with assaulting another woman and putting her child in harm’s way in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Jeffery Lubin, 24, and Rosana Noel, 52, appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis after they were accused of assaulting Francesa Sanon and exposing her two-month-old baby to grievous harm on June 7. The pair pleaded guilty to the charges and the matter was adjourned to June 24 for sentencing.

Prosecutor Lakesia Moss said that the male defendant was Ms Sanon’s boyfriend, while the female defendant was her mother. She said Ms Sanon went by Noel with her baby on June 7, because she and Lubin had gotten into an argument the day before. Lubin also came to the house and the pair ended up sleeping there, because it was late and the weekend lockdown had come into effect. While there, Lubin told Noel that he believed Ms Sanon was cheating on him. Inspector Moss said Noel took Lubin’s side, so Ms Sannon decided to leave the house with her baby. While walking out, Lubin grabbed her hand and started dragging her back inside. At the time, Ms Sanon was still holding on to her child with one hand while screaming for help. Noel then came out of the house and attacked Ms Sanon by punching and hitting her from the back. As a result, Ms Sanon fell on top of her baby. The complainant’s two-year-old child was also pushed and fell during the ordeal. Noel then grabbed the baby from Ms Sanon, before slapping her and going back inside the house with the two children. Inspector Moss said bystanders recorded the incident and the police were called. At some point, Noel gave the baby back to Ms Sanon and he was bleeding and had a cloth around his face. An ambulance was called and the infant was hospitalised. Inspector Moss said the baby required surgery and had an infection in his eye. PC 3865 Saunders, the investigating officer for the case, also said the child was still listed as “fairly stable”, and had a face injury that was in the process of healing. Officer Saunders stated that the baby had also suffered bruising to one of his lungs.

During the hearing, Lubin was represented by attorney Ian Cargill, while Noel was represented by attorney Keith Bell. Mr Cargill told the magistrate that his client was remorseful for his actions and did not intend to hurt the child. Mr Bell also noted that Noel was the grandmother of the child and stated that that fact was “more than sufficient punishment,” since she had to live with the incident for the rest of her life.

Ms Sanon was present at the arraignment. After reviewing the video of the ordeal, Magistrate Rolle-Davis gave her the opportunity to give a victim advocacy statement to share what she believed would be an appropriate punishment for the defendants. Still, Ms Sanon appeared visibly distraught during the hearing and could not give a response. As a result, Magistrate Rolle-Davis adjourned the matter to June 24 to give Ms Sanon some time to think. He said the court would also use the time to retrieve an updated medical report to see whether the baby’s injuries were life threatening.

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