Man Admits Threatening Harm



A 33-year-old man who was accused of threatening to harm his ex-girlfriend during an argument last month was charged in Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Scott Major appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis after he was accused of threatening his children’s mother on May 25. He pleaded guilty and was discharged on the agreement that he would be of “good and sensible character.”

Prosecutor Kenny Thompson said around 9.30am that day, the mother of Major’s children told police that she was outside of a friend’s residence when the defendant pushed her and threatened her stating that he would “(expletive) her up if she didn’t come back with him.” Sgt Thompson said this statement placed the complainant in fear of her life, so she requested police action. Major was subsequently arrested, and during the interview with police at the Southern Police Station, denied the allegations.

During the hearing, Major’s attorney told the magistrate that the incident occurred because the complainant was “out late” with their children and his client wanted them to come back home. He explained that the complainant had left with her and Mr Major’s children for two weeks to stay with a friend after they had an argument. He also claimed that his client called the complainant so she could come home with their kids, but she refused, which caused the situation to escalate. Stating that the defendant was remorseful for his actions, Major’s counsel insisted that the defendant had just lost his temper at the time.

In response, Magistrate Rolle-Davis said since the defendant just lost his “good sense” in the heat of the moment, he would dismiss the matter. Still he warned Major to be of good behaviour and reminded him that his children’s mother had a right not to be around him if she didn’t want to. He also noted that Major could not “compel her to stay” against her will.

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