Two On Drug Charges In Separate Incidents



TWO men were charged with drug possession in two separate incidents in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Spencer Thompson, 24, appeared before Senior Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis after officers seized 1.10 ounces of Indian hemp from him on June 6. He pleaded guilty and was fined $500 or six months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Prosecutor Lakesia Moss told the court around 2.50pm that day, officers on static duty on Robinson Road observed a red Nissan March with three male occupants approaching a checkpoint.

She said the officers beckoned for the vehicle to stop and informed the passengers that they would be searched in reference to dangerous drugs and firearms. During the search, officers found a tyre inflator canister that weighed more than the label on the can indicated. Upon inspecting the canister, officers discovered a screw at the bottom and opened the container. They then discovered a quantity of suspected marijuana inside the canister.

The suspects were then arrested and taken to a nearby police station. There, Thompson told the officers that the drugs were his and insisted that the other two persons were not aware that the item was in the car. He was subsequently charged with the offence. According to the prosecution, the drugs had an estimated street value of $30. When given an opportunity to speak, Thompson told the magistrate that he bought the drugs for his personal use. He also said that he was “honestly trying to get his life back on track.”

Meanwhile, Edward Ferguson, 35, was also charged after officers found three grams of Indian Hemp in his car on June 4. He also pleaded guilty to simple possession and was fined $500 or one month at BDCS.

Prosecutor Moss said around 8.45pm that night, officers on static duty on Market Street and School Lane observed a dark coloured vehicle that attempted to turn a corner right before the checkpoint. Inspector Moss said this aroused the officers’ suspicion, so they beckoned for the vehicle to stop and informed the driver that they would be conducting a search in reference to dangerous drugs and firearms. While searching the vehicle, the officers discovered three silver foil wraps in a compartment under the steering wheel. As a result, Ferguson was arrested. During an interview with police, he said he bought the drugs for $15 and had it for his personal use. During the hearing, Ferguson said that he had been smoking marijuana since he was 19-years-old because the drug helped to keep him calm. He also said he suffered from bad asthma as a child, but never had the respiratory condition again after he started smoking.

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