Businessman Accused Of Failing To Keep Customers Far Enough Apart


Tribune Staff Reporter


A BUSINESSMAN who was accused of failing to ensure his employees and customers followed the regulations outlined in the COVID-19 emergency orders was yesterday granted bail ahead of his trial.

Samuel Kemp, 53, appeared before Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux charged with two counts of violating the emergency orders for restaurant and food vendors and one count of violation of emergency orders relating to physical distancing.

Kemp was accused of failing to ensure the customers and staff at Big Stick Restaurant and Bar maintained a physical distance of no less than six feet on July 17. He was also accused of failing to ensure his staff and patrons wore masks covering their noses and mouths that same day.

During the hearing, Smith denied the allegations and the matter was adjourned to October 19 for trial. Kemp was granted $3,500 bail with one sureter in the interim.

Two people were also charged with violating the national curfew yesterday.

Haram Kelly Jr, 55, was charged after officers found him on East Street around 10.40pm on July 18. He pleaded guilty and was fined $350 or one month in prison.

The prosecution said officers were on mobile patrol when they observed the defendant in a grey Honda. They then beckoned for the vehicle to stop and questioned the driver, Kelly Jr, who did not give them a “reasonable” explanation for why he was outdoors during curfew hours. As a result, Kelly Jr was arrested. In an interview with police, he said he did not violate the emergency orders because he had permission. Still, the prosecution noted the letter Kelly Jr produced that day only gave him permission to collect garbage from 6am-4pm. He was subsequently charged with the offence.

Tomicko Pierre was also charged after the prosecution alleged officers found him on Carmichael Road around 11pm on July 20. He denied violating the national curfew during a hearing before Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans and the matter was adjourned to September 14 for trial. Pierre was granted $1,000 bail in the interim.

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