Two Charged With Drug Possession


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN who was caught with over two ounces of marijuana was fined $500 in court yesterday.

Alfred McKinney appeared in Magistrates Court before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes charged with possession of Indian hemp with the intent to supply, after officers seized 2 ¾ ounces of the drug from him on July 14.

The court heard officers went to McKinney's house around 9.50pm on the night in question. Upon arrival, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana and searched the defendant's home.

During their investigation, officers discovered 45 plastic packages in a speaker box. McKinney was subsequently arrested. According to the prosecution, the drugs had an estimated value of $165.

During the hearing, McKinney was represented by attorney Ian Cargill. He told the magistrate McKinney had been smoking for five or six years. Still, he insisted his client was remorseful for his actions and noted he was a self-employed father of five with no previous convictions. As a result, Magistrate Forbes fined the defendant $500. He warned him if he failed to pay the fine he would spend two months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Yesterday, Hartman Rolle, 36, also appeared before Magistrate Forbes for a drug related charge. He was charged with one count of simple possession after officers seized two grams of Indian hemp from him on July 14.

Prosecutor Lincoln McKenzie said officers saw Rolle standing outside a residence in the Grove around 7.50pm on the night in question. They then approached the defendant and informed him they would be searching him in reference to dangerous drugs and firearms. During their search, the officers discovered a quantity of suspected marijuana in Rolle's boxers. He was subsequently arrested and admitted to the offence in an interview with police. According to the prosecution, Rolle had appeared in court before for the same charge.

When given an opportunity to speak, Rolle told the magistrate he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He also claimed he had the drugs to make herbal tea. Still, after noting Rolle had been fined $300 for simple possession in the past, Magistrate Forbes told him he could not expect to repeat the same mistakes and expect a different outcome.

"Over time you come to court for drugs you should know there is a possibility you could go to jail," he warned. As a result, he fined Rolle $500 or four months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

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