Man Gets 12 Months Probation For Assault And Threats


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 34-year-old man was placed on 12 months probation after he admitted to assaulting and threatening to kill another man earlier this week.

Wilton Armbrister was accused of assaulting and issuing death threats to Anthony Nottage on July 15. He pleaded guilty to both counts during his hearing before Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux on Friday and was placed on 12 months’ probation for sending death threats and three months’ probation for assault. Both sentences were ordered to run concurrently.

The court heard around 9.20am on the day in question that Armbrister accused Mr Nottage of moving money from his pocket. As a result, a verbal argument followed which led to Armbrister punching Mr Nottage in his left eye and threatening to kill him. An investigation into the matter led to Armbrister’s arrest. In an interview with police a short time later, he denied the allegations brought against him.

During the hearing, Armbrister told the magistrate the incident happened because Mr Nottage had a habit of going into his room and stealing things. Armbrister said he’d tell other people in the house about Mr Nottage’s actions, but nothing would be done. He also said the incident only occurred because the complainant had taken his “last $20 and he just wanted to question him”. Armbrister insisted he never punched Mr Nottage and stated he only pushed him that day because he was “a little hot.”

On Friday, a 48-year-old man also appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes after he was accused of assaulting his wife on July 15.

The man pleaded guilty during his arraignment and was conditionally discharged for 12 months, on the agreement he would attend anger management classes and domestic violence counseling. If he fails to comply with the conditions of his release, he will spend three months in prison.

Prosecutor Lincoln McKenize said around 10.15pm that night, the complainant was at home with her husband when they got into an argument over whether she had a “sweetheart” or not. Sgt McKenzie said the woman told police when the situation escalated, her husband broke down a door and hit her several times with the palm of his hand. As a result of her complaint, the defendant was arrested. In an interview with police, he acknowledged getting into an argument with his wife, but denied hitting her.

When given an opportunity to speak on Friday, the accused also told Magistrate Forbes the altercation between him and his wife was verbal and not physical. Still, he admitted that his actions were wrong and said he was ashamed for bringing “shame to his household and family”.

In response, Magistrate Forbes told the defendant as it related to the law, the offence of assault did not necessarily have to be physical since it could be an “act that intimidates a person to the extent they feel threatened”. After sentencing the defendant, he also encouraged him to seek marital counselling from a professional to assist him and his wife with their challenges.

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