Son Admits Threatening To Kill Father



A 28-year-old man was ordered to attend grief and anger management classes after he admitted to threatening to kill his father during an altercation over the weekend.

Chavargo Woodside appeared before Deputy Chief Andrew Forbes charged with one count each of assault and threats of death after he was accused of kicking his father and threatening to take his life on July 11.

The court heard the defendant’s father, Alexander Woodside, was at his residence around 10am on the day in question when he and the accused got into a “verbal altercation”. At the time, Alexander Woodside said his son accused him of killing his mother and told him he would soon kill him, before kicking him. As a result of his complaint, Chavargo Woodside was arrested and taken to the Elizabeth Estates Police Station. In an interview with officers there, he denied making death threats towards his father.

During the hearing, Chavargo Woodside was represented by attorney Barry Sawyer. He told the magistrate his client and his father had a “tumultuous” relationship and it got to the point where the younger Woodside retaliated. Still, he insisted his client was apologetic for his actions.

Chavargo Woodside pleaded guilty to both charges and was conditionally discharged for 12 months on the agreement he would attend grief and anger management counselLing. If he fails to comply with the conditions of his release, Woodside will spend three months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

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