World Is On Fire And We Are A Disgrace

EDITOR, The Tribune

The world is on fire, raging around us. Corona virus. Economic dystopia. A dying biosphere. Threats of nuclear war. Global warming. Rising sea levels. Here at home, there is “Confusion in the Senate” a “Clash in the House”, and an inability to come to grips with reality and pressing issues which Bahamians are paying for dearly. The clownish and despicable behaviour of the Speaker of the House but one example. Our lost and arrogant Prime Minister another.

Bahamians spend good money to pay our so-called representatives. Who can honestly say they are attending to our business? Worse, it seems those with some education are constricted by the childish, immature and untutored dialogue by the mass of our unthinking Facebook and WhatsApp population. Held back for so long, even those who had so much potential have been stymied in their required moral evolution. It seems to me that those who revere money, and money alone, are the ones who get to speak in this country.

The church leaders seem to be fumbling fools, for the most part. Our national conversations seem to mirror the lies, the egotistical authoritarianism and lack of transparency by our neighbour to the north, and other hapless autocrats which seem to be in vogue. Our national media editors seem lost, unable to rise to the urgently needed intellectual calling and moral duty so urgently needed right now. They, having been dragged down for so long in this dishonest and corrupt economic morass and petty political divisiveness which has now taken its true toll for these many decades.

Yes, we as a nation have sunken into a wholesale childishness, unable it seems to reason, think as Christians, to merely be socially responsible. The whole nation. We cannot blame others more foolish around us. Many of these foolish countries can print money and fend for themselves. We cannot. Nor can we afford to. Our present situation in The Bahamas is a disgrace. A disgrace to ourselves, to our children, and to any decent peoples still left in this world. A disgrace.



July 8, 2020.


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