Freeport Pizza Hut Staff Member Tests Positive For Covid-19

Pizza Hut in Freeport is closed until Wednesday after a member of its staff tested positive for COVID-19.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Pizza Hut said employees exposed to the staff member are in self-isolation.

“A team member from our Pizza Hut on the Mall has tested positive for Covid-19 and per health authority guidelines is in quarantine and receiving treatment as needed,” the post said. “All employees exposed to the team member have been identified by the Ministry of Health and are in self-isolation. The health and well being of our team members and customers is our number one priority, especially in these uncertain times. As a precaution, we temporarily closed the restaurant for sanitization by professionals.

“We have worked closely with the Ministry of Health and have followed all recommendations leading to a safe reopening on Wednesday, July 15th 2020. We thank you for your continued support.”


mandela 9 months ago

As long as its visitors it's ok you guys can come in and wipe our population out we don't care as long as you 1st grease us the government. and make sure we straight, thanks you for your visit.


tribanon 9 months ago

So much for ordering the all dressed pizza from Pizza Hut. That one extra topping of Covid-19 has possibly guaranteed yet another business failure and more job losses. Thank you Minnis for pre-maturely opening our borders to international travel and exposing all of us to a resurgence of the deadly China virus. We now await another one of your most merciless and ruthless 24/7 lock down orders. We plebes are growing accustomed to the pain and suffering you enjoy heaping on us.


rodentos 9 months ago

How many people got a pizza delivered from that Pizzahut... for sure the employe coughed on some of the pizzas, how many people got an infected pizza delivered?


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