Opposition Concerns Prevent Senate Debate On Emergency Orders

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell.

PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell.


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Senate failed to debate a resolution for the extension of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis' latest emergency orders after concerns were raised by the opposition on whether the parliamentary session was properly constituted to meet.

Senator Fred Mitchell raised the issue in the Upper Chamber on Friday after Attorney General Carl Bethel tabled the new proclamation of emergency.

The proclamation was signed by Governor General CA Smith on Tuesday after the Attorney General’s office failed to deliver a resolution extending Dr Minnis' emergency orders in time for last week's sitting of the House of Assembly.

The Senate was expected to debate the resolution on Friday. However, during Friday’s proceedings, Mr Mitchell expressed concerns with the legality of the session.

The leader of opposition business said: “When the Senate adjourned on the 29th of June, it adjourned without a date sine die (with no date for resumption). You will remember that I objected to adjourning sine die without a date. You would also remember, madame president, that there was an exchange between the leader of the government and myself about the question of whether it was 14 days or five days.”

“The leader for the government agreed it was five days. Assuming that the gazette was done and the proclamation was signed on the 29th, if you count five days that means you have to convene the House, this Senate, the 30th, the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth.”

“That’s five days, that means Sunday, the fifth. So, the House should have, in my view, adjourned to a date within those five days. It did not and so the House was not due to meet.”

He continued: “When you look at article 29, article 29 says when the House is not due to meet, the Governor General shall...it says for any cause of matter those houses are not due to meet within five days, the Governor General shall by proclamation published in the Gazette, summon them to meet within five days and they should accordingly meet.”

“I am asking whether or not the Governor General has published in the Gazette a summons for the Senate to be here today for the laying of this proclamation within the five days and if not, are we properly constituted to be here this morning?"

In response, Mr Bethel said he was of the view that “had the Senate adjourned to a fixed date, it would’ve not have been possible to call the Senate back to deal with the proclamation".

“And it is also in my view that the fact of the Senate is able to because we had adjourned sine die, just give the requisite notice within the five days as we have done and convene the senate and that is a sufficient compliance,” he added.

After Mr Mitchell reiterated his concerns for a second time, Mr Bethel moved to suspend the session for five minutes. However, when the session reconvened, Mr Bethel withdrew the proclamation of emergency and asked for the Senate to be suspended until 3pm.

Giving an explanation in doing so, he noted: “I don’t want to take chances with the constitution and on that note, I would wish to do two things. I would wish to withdraw this tabling with your consent if I may have the consent of the House to withdraw it.”

However, when the senate resumed after 3pm, the session was adjourned to Monday.


TalRussell 1 month, 1 week ago

The exposed unnecessaries behind he forgetfulness in the pettiness attached to the seriousness the blunders over just the last few days are continuing to deliver damaging blows to the already tainted brand of the red coats House elected 35, and political appoints.
Are you noddin' your head just like rest we cause you cannot just make this King's Counsel, Failed Get Constituents Elected, Politically Appointed AG Carl Wilshirekinds stuff up? Just, can't. Nod Once for Yeah, Twice for No?


Tarzan 1 month, 1 week ago

Fred the impotent, dithers on.


tribanon 1 month, 1 week ago

When an imbecile like Fred Smith can dance all around you and make you look like the brainless incompetent fool that you truly are, then you should know there's really only one decent thing left for you to do - resign from office. And that's precisely what the mangy potcake Carl Bethel should do - immediately resign as AG.


thps 1 month, 1 week ago

Who do you think can dance around their opponent better, Fred Smith or Fred Mitchell. My money is on Fred Flinstone.


tribanon 1 month ago

Definite slip on my part no doubt due to my inclusion of both of them in essentially the same bucket of wasted minds. No need for you to insult Fred Flintstone who's at least a most likeable fella with a conscience. But all three of them definitely have more upstairs than that mangy flea infested potcake Carl Bethel.


TalRussell 1 month, 1 week ago

It started with the six, and then ma comrades there will be the three red coats still to walk Mr. Minnis's was too involved comrade sister Loretta, plank?
We know the ID of Dr. Duane and Brent who have done their walks and of Carl Wilshire. 'em stands at plank's edge waiting for lil shove.
But, nod Once for Yeah you can ID all three the still remaining red coats high profileers,* Twice for No? Hint, one had done got shoved out he portfolio but survived walkin' the plank, for then, anyway?.


TigerB 1 month, 1 week ago

At the end of the day its is always about the numbers, who has more and who has less.


TalRussell 1 month ago

Isn't firm and forceful parliamentary performance what we need see more of coming from the Queen's Loyal Opposition. Em is performing as the PopoulacesOrdinary at large POAL expects the colony's official opposition to nudge other 'em's** to always remain guided by Comrade Father Pindling's and Milo B's Constitution. Nod Once for Yeah, Twice for No?


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