Pm’S Brother In Assault Summons


Tribune Staff Reporter


CYRIL “Boxer” Minnis, the brother of Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, has been summonsed to appear in Magistrate’s Court with a woman with whom he had a recent argument.

The woman, lawyer Tiffany Dennison, accused Mr Minnis of punching her in her face at the Registrar General’s Office in Freeport last month. Mr Minnis, however, claims that it was Ms Dennison who put her finger in his face.

Samuel Butler, assistant commissioner of police, said officers investigated the matter and decided to have both appear in court where the matter can be aired out and dealt with.

“Both made counter complaints,” he said. “Both have been summonsed individually to appear before court so the court could make a decision on the 15th of this month. The police can’t take a position. If you made a complaint and I made a complaint, we can’t resolve it.”

ACP Butler said both produced witnesses to support their claims.

Mr Minnis maintained his innocence yesterday, saying: “The point I made is that you know if you slap a white person, marks will be on them, or if you strike a white person, marks will be on them. If the police come there, and she called the police, and when they reached her—two witnesses are her two clients—they haven’t seen a Christ thing.”

Ms Dennison, meanwhile, said she is not a finger-pointer. She has said Mr Minnis called her a “white (expletive)”, prompting her to tell him “shut the (expletive) up” and “sit the (expletive) down”. She alleges she was then struck on her jaw.

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