Jury Says Disney Should Pay Worker $4m After Bahamas Car Accident

A Florida jury has decided that a Disney Cruise Line worker deserves $4m from the company based on her claim that she received inadequate medical care from ship doctors after she was hit by a car during a port of call.

The Brevard County jury earlier this month ordered the cruise line to pay Maria Ana Reis Martins the judgment. The Miami Herald reports that it included $2m for lost earnings, $1m for pain and suffering and $1m for punishment.

It is the first time Disney Cruise Line has lost a personal injury case involving a ship worker in a jury trial, said Julio Ayala, Martins' attorney.

According to Martins' complaint, a car hit her when she was ashore in The Bahamas in 2013. The ship's medical team failed to diagnose three broken ribs and said she was fit for work in her job as a dining room server.

A doctor in Florida later found that she had broken the ribs, and she was sent back to her native Portugal for five months for treatment. She returned to work in 2014 but had to leave a month later due to nerve damage, the lawsuit said.

The jury assigned 70 percent of negligence associated with Martins' injury to the company and 30 percent to her.

A phone message seeking comment left with the cruise line on Tuesday wasn't immediately returned.


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