Woman Violated Curfew 'To Clear Her Head'

By Farah Johnson


A magistrate on Friday discharged a woman who claimed she violated the curfew because she needed to go for a walk to “clear her head”.

Kieara Thompson, 23, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes after officers found her walking without a face mask on Sir Milo Butler Highway around 6.20pm on August 9.

During the arraignment, Thompson was also charged with disorderly behaviour and using obscene language after the prosecution alleged she got into an argument with the officer who arrested her that evening.

On Friday, Thompson appeared in court alongside Dwinassia Rolle, 23, who was walking with her at the time. Rolle was also charged for breaching the curfew and failing to wear a facemask while outdoors.

The court heard officers were on mobile patrol when they observed two women walking north on Sir Milo Butler Highway towards the roundabout. When they were stopped and questioned, both defendants said they were going for a walk and insisted other people were outside of their homes as well. The prosecution said when they were being apprehended, Thompson asked one of the arresting officers why she was being locked up if she didn't have any warrants. The court was told although officers warned Adderley about her disorderly behaviour she persisted and cursed at one of the officers. The women were eventually taken to the Carmichael Road Police Station where they admitted to the offenses.

After pleading guilty to the allegations brought against them, both women were discharged. Still, Magistrate Forbes told them since he was given them a second chance they needed to make adult decisions going forward instead of acting on impulse.

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