Man Jailed For Stealing Woman's Car Battery

By Farrah Johnson


A 30-year-old man who stole and sold a woman’s car battery to make money to buy drugs was sentenced to nine months in prison on Friday.

Jerome Williams appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes accused of breaking into a woman’s 2011 Hyundai on July 16 to steal her car battery.

The court heard sometime around 8.35pm, the complainant discovered the hood of her car, which was parked at her residence, was slightly open. Police said when the woman inspected her vehicle, she realised her right rear passenger glass had been broken and her car battery was missing. On August 25, Williams was arrested and taken to a nearby station In an interview with police there, he told officers he had a drug problem and was walking in the area when he noticed the vehicle. The defendant claimed he then picked up a rock to “burst out the glass” so he could get into the car to pull the hood lever. Williams said after he stole the car battery, he sold it to a man for $20 which he bought drugs with. According to the prosecution, the defendant caused $324.80 damage to the complainant’s vehicle to steal the $200 car battery.

During the hearing, Williams pleaded guilty to one count of stealing and damage. After accepting his guilty pleas, Magistrate Forbes noted the defendant had spent time in jail for similar offenses. As a result, he remanded Williams to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for nine months and further ordered him to compensate the complainant $520.80 before the year is completed.

If he fails to do so, Williams could risk spending an additional three months in prison. Magistrate Forbes said he would make a note for the defendant to receive drug counselling while he is in custody.

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