Woman Attacked Another With A Screwdriver

A 24-year-old woman was ordered to attend anger management classes after she admitted to assaulting another woman with a screwdriver during an argument last week.

Another woman was also placed on six months’ probation for threatening to knock down a woman with her car during the ordeal.

Shaquel Bonaby was arrested after a woman reported her for threatening her with a dangerous instrument on August 20.

She appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes alongside Shanice Brown, 21, who was also charged with threatening to harm another woman that same day.

The court heard the first complainant told officers she was at her residence when Bonaby drove past and pointed a screwdriver at her before stating: “I will jick you up (sic).”

The prosecution also said the second complainant told officers Brown threatened to run her over with her vehicle while she was at her residence. During the hearing, both women were represented by attorney Ian Cargill. He told the magistrate the incident “emanated” from an argument Bonaby was having with her neighbours. He also said Brown only threatened to run over the second complainant because the woman refused to move from in front of her vehicle when she was asked. Mr Cargill noted neither defendant had any previous convictions and insisted they were remorseful for their actions.

As a result, after accepting their guilty pleas, Magistrate Forbes ordered Bonaby to attend anger management classes at the Department of Social Services for six months. Still, he warned her if she failed to do so, she would spend three months in prison.

Brown on the other hand, was placed on six months’ probation. If she violates the condition of her release within that time frame, she could also risk spending one month behind bars.

Both women were ordered not to have direct or indirect contact with the complainants.

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