Five Charged With Violating Curfew


Tribune Staff Reporter


FIVE men were charged in the Magistrate’s Court on Friday with violating the national curfew and the five-day lockdown recently implemented by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis.

Vanhessyn Hepburn, 25, appearing before Magistrate Sandradee Gardiner, was charged with curfew violation for being on the road at about 9.45 am on Sunday.

Hepburn, who pleaded guilty to the charge, told the court he had left home to pick up his daughter from her mother.

Noting that he should have contacted police as he didn’t have permission to leave his home, Magistrate Gardiner ordered Hepburn to pay $400 or face one month at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services (BDCS).

James Burrows, 57, also pleaded guilty to violating the lockdown after police found him on Gaulin Avenue around 10.45pm on Saturday.

Asked by Magistrate Gardiner about his reason for being on the streets on the night in question, Burrows replied that he was on his way to his niece, who was not feeling well at the time.

He was fined $700 and told that failure to pay the fine would result in two months imprisonment.

Also charged for curfew violations was Laish Ferguson. The 31-year-old was found by police at 1am on Thursday on East Street South and Fox Hill Road.

Prosecutor Kenny Thompson told the court that Ferguson told officers that he was dropping off a few items for his daughter.

When given the chance to explain his action, Ferguson told the court that he was carrying medicine to his daughter because she had a fever.

He said he didn’t know that he had to call the Royal Bahamas Police Force hotline number to notify them of his reasons for leaving home.

Ferguson was fined $400 and ordered to make the payment on or before Friday, April 24.

Meanwhile, Jamal Wilkinson, 32, who was found by police on Willow Tree Avenue around 5.10pm on Friday, told officers he was not aware of the curfew and was on his way to his sister to get cooking oil.

After pleading guilty to the charge, Wilkinson was given a $500 fine which he paid the same day.

Next was Jason Smith, 26, who was charged for violating the lockdown after police found him at Malcolm Road at 3.05pm on Sunday.

Prosecutor Thompson told the court that Smith told police that he had left his home to get a cigarette. He was fined $800.

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