Acting Responsibly

EDITOR, The Tribune

Re: Strike ‘happy medium’ over virus lockdown. – The Tribune, Business, 26 March, 2020.

Unlike ORG, our government is acting in an enlightened and responsible manner, for once. Apart from prayer, there is only one way currently known to buy time and slow the spread of Covid-19, and that is by a lengthy and complete lockdown. As agonizing as a disciplined lockdown is (think Singapore) for so many very badly hurting people and businesses, it is not something that can be done piecemeal as a ‘happy medium’. ( Hong Kong tried the ‘happy medium’ approach for a short time and saw a frightening resurgence of Covid-19). The Bahamas may soon be dealing with a dramatic surge or nation-wide pandemic health crisis.

We must decide if we will pay attention primarily to our healthcare providers and even a few government officials (though both are known to be far from infallible), or listen to people with mainly business interests. Many lives could depend on the right decision.

However, if one is ill and rejects present best medical practices, one can always contact a business person for advice and health care.



March 28, 2020


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