Too Long To Open A Bank Account

EDITOR, The Tribune

Malcolm Strachan wrote a very good article in The Tribune the other day, and his advice to the public and admonishment to those not following the new rules about social distancing and behaving in a responsible manner should be read and understood by everyone.

However, one point he makes about those requiring social assistance having a bank account makes little sense unless the Government browbeats the Banks into opening accounts with a simple form. I understand Malcolm’s suggestion is to make the frontline workers dealing with those on social assistance safer. But I once watched a couple opening a bank account at my bank and it took 1 1/2 hours and all sorts of paperwork and information from their mobiles and I left before they had finished!

What should the Government advise the banks as to how to deal with this very good, but at the moment impractical suggestion?



March 30, 2020


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