Mcalpine Helps Distribute Relief To Over 700 People In Need On Grand Bahama


Tribune Freeport Reporter


PINERIDGE MP Rev Frederick McAlpine distributed hurricane relief items to over 700 residents in Grand Bahama yestserday at his constituency headquarters in Freeport.

McAlpine and his wife Tracey were front and centre under a tent packing and handing out care packages to hundreds who had gathered in long lines at 30C Kipling Building from around 8am.

This is the second mass distribution that Rev McAlpine has held for his constituents, many of whom reside in subdivisions that were impacted by flooding and lost their entire possessions.

“Today, I am partnering together with NEMA, and along with my international partners,” he told The Tribune. “Today we have been able to give to over 770 persons in Pineridge and in the GB community.”

Rev McAlpine said residents were given water, food, groceries, baby wipes, infant and adult diapers, as well as supplies, such as flashlights etc. According to the Free National Movement MP, many Grand Bahamians are unemployed and in need of relief assistance.

“This is a very difficult time still for GB, and the reason we have to feed people is because we realise that the unemployment number has quadrupled. And so, if people don’t have no money, they can’t buy no grocery.”

While it has been said that the same people are out coming out for relief items at the various other relief distribution centres, Rev McAlpine said it is because people are in need.

“How long do you expect a care package to last for? They are coming back because they are in need, and I am happy that we are able to be a blessing to the community,” he said.

Prior to NEMA coming on board, Rev McAlpine said he had helped “over 3,000 persons.”

“The first time when the storm started, I was giving out tarps, generators, chainsaws – everything. And so basically, I have been doing, and today NEMA has come through and have assisted and partnered with me today.”


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