Blackout Misery Back For Families


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BAHAMAS Power and Light expects an end “soon” to vexing load shedding that angered many over the weekend.

However, according to BPL’s Communications Director Quincy Parker, given the state of the company’s generation fleet, it could not be guaranteed that power cuts would not continue as work continues to keep machines online.

The utility company said over the weekend that work on a unit — GT-7 — had been suspended with officials exploring a new path forward. BPL had been trying to repair the unit since August, The Tribune was told.

“The investigation into the vibration issue preventing the unit from coming online has revealed serious deficiencies that need to be addressed, requiring extensive work,” BPL said in its Saturday fact sheet. “The specialists are now determining a new scope of work for the unit, and once that has been agreed, work will resume. At that time we will be in a better position to reassess timelines for this unit.”

The day before, BPL said work on the unit reached a major obstruction and after a brief investigation, the electrical system specialist raised serious concerns about the unit’s state.

That electrical specialist arrived in New Providence on Thursday and began working on the unit the same day.

Meanwhile the company said GT-10 continued to run steadily, but monitoring was continuing.

BPL said it remained focused on both GT-7 and GT-10 and its Blue Hills Power Station as these units together make up the generation deficit, which led to heavy load shedding.

On Sunday, the electricity provider announced three-hour load shedding in dozens of residential areas, infuriating customers to turn to Facebook — some complained of disruptions for two consecutive days.

One user said: “Pinewood off again!!! They just load shedded us yesterday evening now they are doing it again (sic). I guess even the load shedding isn’t equal because we can’t be up in the rotation already. The poor people special once again. All the rich home enjoying Sunday evening. So obviously we have to take the hit, and they know it’s true that’s why they didn’t put us on the list, BPL hiding the fact. Shame on you, BPL.”

Another commented: “Why BPL? You had South Beach off on Saturday 3.50pm until 6.55pm and here it is Sunday 2.55pm and we off again with no notice? Where is all this so- called extra power going? This is two days in a row. Not acceptable. Do better BPL.”

“Come flipping on, Bamboo Town yesterday and today WTH (sic) BPL,” added another user.


Porcupine 9 months, 2 weeks ago

I think many people have given up hope. BPL is just one of the visible failures. Most of the very many failures are hidden. This has led to a situation called learned helplessness. People have turned to taking what they can get and expecting nothing more. I fear this is the future of The Bahamas. There seems to be absolutely no incentive to do better. Sad.


sweptaway 9 months, 2 weeks ago

come on down to Abaco and see a real black out ! this is where they have three dead birds and a goat repairing the power grid!


Sickened 9 months, 2 weeks ago

It took an expert 2 months to realize that GT-7 needs to be retired??? I told you guys that 2 months ago and I have never even seen the machine or been at any BTC power plant.


TheMadHatter 9 months, 2 weeks ago

These families need to thank God for life, and make more babies to grow up and enjoy this life.


Economist 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Sell BPL to the Canadian company Emera. They have done an excellent job in Grand Bahama.


Porcupine 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Or, hire an expert from Emera. Give them a good salary, the power to hire and fire, and then keep the profits for the Bahamian people. Is this a radical thought?


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