No Jail Time For Doctor Caught With Marijuana


Tribune Staff Reporter


A BAHAMIAN doctor has been granted a conditional discharge for being caught with almost 10 ounces of marijuana in his residence earlier this year.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney ordered Dr Adrian Rolle to serve 120 hours of community service for the seven ounces of weed police found in his kitchen in January.

The Tribune understands Rolle is required to put in his hours by assisting in Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.

Additionally, Magistrate McKinney sentenced Rolle to two years’ probation. Failure to adhere to the court’s orders would result in a three month custodial sentence.

However, should Rolle complete his 120 hours of community service by January 22, 2020, he will be given an absolute discharge.

During trial, Corporal 1601 Deangelo Gaitor testified how while on mobile patrol on January 20, he was dispatched to Rolle’s residence on West Bay Street over a domestic dispute. Upon his arrival, the officer saw Rolle’s former lover, Sky Holbert, throwing rocks at the windows of a car.

D/C Gaitor said Rolle identified himself and indicated his desire to press charges against Holbert. Holbert, in turn, called Rolle an offensive name and told the officer that the physician had “plenty dope upstairs”.

D/C Gaitor said after showing Rolle a warrant, and while searching the kitchen, he found multiple packages of drugs on the counter. D/C Gaitor also said he found over $60,000 in mixed currency in a tin on the counter.

D/C Gaitor said Rolle told him that he didn’t sell drugs and that the funds came from his medical practice at Eastwood Medical Clinic. However, the officer said Rolle did not deny having knowledge of the drugs.

As a result, D/C Gaitor said the doctor was arrested in connection with possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply, while Holbert was arrested in reference to the discovery of the drugs and the causing damage complaint.

When he took the witness stand in his defence, Rolle claimed Holbert planted the drugs and the money in his house.

He explained that he called the police because Holbert had damaged both his BMW and Toyota Passo moments after he broke up with her.

When the police arrived and he told them he wanted to press charges against the woman, he said he consented to a search of his apartment. However, in contrast to D/C Gaitor’s testimony, Rolle said Holbert directed the officer to a kitchen cupboard, where they retrieved a box that contained a plastic bag of marijuana.

And in response to a question by his attorney, Rolle said Holbert had unrestricted access to his apartment, thus validating his suspicion that she planted the drugs.

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