Updated: Bpl Announces Load Shedding Schedule For Monday

UPDATE: BPL will be load shedding in two-hour rotation this evening beginning at 7PM with the following areas:

Ethel Street, Montell Heights, Ashley Road, Ridgeland Park East, Ridgeland Mall, Variety Auto Parts, Big Boys Restaurant, Englerston, Minnie Street, C.H Reeves School, Prince Charles Drive, Colony Village, Star Estates, Nassau East & North, Eastern Estates, portions of Winton Estates, Twynam Heights, Yamacraw GHill Road, Woodland Way, Adam Street, Bay Street, PMH Hospital, Doctor Hospital, Doctors, Central Police Station, Prison Lane, Sands Lane, Fort Fincastle, Mason’s Addition, Lewis Street, Government House(east), Shirley Street(west), Port Authority, Prince George Wharf, Wellington Street, Hospital Lane, Laird Street, Supreme Court, Fleming Street, Solomon’s Mine, Rawson Square, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Canada, East Street, Kings Sub, ZNS Tower, South Winds Gardens, Blue Hill Road, Golden Gates#1, Sunshine Park, Seven Hills, Jasmine Gardens, Joan’s Height, Dorsettville, Domingo Heights, Richville Subdivision, Marcus Bethell Way, Tyler Street, portionsof Boyd Subdivision, Nassau Street, College Avenue, Carter Street, Farrington Road east of Warren Street, Eden Street, Village Road, Cable Bahamas, Gleniston Gardens, Sea Breeze, Prince Charles Drive, Pepsi Company, East Park Estates and surrounding areas, Nassau Industrial, Caves Village, Sea Beach, portions of West Bay Street, Salem Baptist, Dominion Life, Quakoo Street including all streets North to Hay Street, General Hardware, Diagnostic Centre, Rosetta Street portions of Centreville & Fort Fincastle, Church of God of Prophecy(East Street), Burial Ground Corner & side streets, Lobster Avenue, Mutton Fish Drive, Sunshine Park, Hill Crest subdivision, Seven Hills, Commonwealth Avenue, Post Office, Police Station, Gull Gardens, St. Andrews Beach Estates, Treasure Cove, Port New Providence , Fire Trail Close, Mckinney Drive, Sunset Park, Carmichael Meadows, Jubliee Gardens, Cordeaux Avenue, Blue Hill Road (Tucker Road to Robinson Road), Cedar Street and celery Drive.

AS load shedding continues in New Providence, Bahamas Power & Light released a schedule of anticipated power cuts for Monday evening.

In a press release the company said: “BPL will be load shedding in two-hour rotation this evening beginning at 3pm with the following areas: Lyford Cay, Carmichael Road West, West Bay Street, S.C. McPherson, Batelco, Williams Lane. Our next rotation would be at 5pm, and would affect customers in the following areas: Caribbean Gas, Abundant Life South, Bahamas Customs, Bernard Road O/H, Prince Charles Dr East, J.F. Kennedy O/H. We apologize for this inconvenience caused and commit to end the load shedding exercise as swiftly as possible. We will update as necessary.”


Clamshell 1 year, 1 month ago

You have to give them credit — BPL has become very efficient in announcing when, where and why they cannot keep the lights on.

Q. Do the lights ever go out at BPL’s offices? Or the A/C?


John 1 year, 1 month ago

Do you think New Providence will be experiencing this same foolishness again next summer? And despite the 3-5 hour power cuts the electricity bill has increased. Some customers say theirs have doubled. Are the power cuts a smoke screen to rip consumers off?


TheMadHatter 1 year, 1 month ago

Yall wont listen to Graham Weatherford eh? Good for ya then. Have no power. Suck teet.


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