Mcalpine: Don’T Be So Petty, Dr Minnis

Pineridge MP Rev Frederick McAlpine.

Pineridge MP Rev Frederick McAlpine.


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PINERIDGE MP Frederick McAlpine hit out at Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday, likening the nation’s leader to a coach keeping a “good player” on the bench due to “personal or petty” reasons.

During a wide-ranging press conference at his office yesterday - three days after not attending a meeting Dr Minnis held with supporters in Grand Bahama – Mr McAlpine also expressed scepticism his party would win the next general election.

He also said he did not agree with politicians going around calling other parties corrupt, as Dr Minnis did to the Progressive Liberal Party on Friday.

Despite his evident frustration with the FNM, Mr McAlpine did not say he was leaving the party or is considering joining the Official Opposition but added he had “options.”

Dr Minnis, who indicated that he intends to retire after serving a second term as prime minister, on Friday called on supporters to support the four other parliamentarians in Grand Bahama and others to carry on the leadership, but did not mention Mr McAlpine.

“If you don’t want me on the team, trade me, but don’t have a good player sitting on the bench and then saying he is not a team player when the coach just don’t want to play him because of personal or petty reasons,” Mr McAlpine said.

“Obviously, I don’t know what it is. But when you are in leadership you really can’t be petty, and as a MP I can’t be petty for him not calling my name.

“So if you tend to be a leader you got to lead by example. I was not there, and perhaps because I was not there or in his view (I was not mentioned). But at the end of the day, my responsibility is to the people of Pineridge and my responsibility is to make sure they get due representation, and by extension Grand Bahama.”

When asked he if thinks Dr Minnis was excluding him, Mr McAlpine said: “He can exclude me from whatever he wants to exclude me from. As long as the people of Pineridge and the people of the Bahamas do not exclude me, I am in good standing. I want to be in good standings with the people of the Bahamas rather than a political organisation.

“It might break me down with members of the party, but it sure lifts me up with the people of Commonwealth of the Bahamas,” he said.

Expounding on why he did not attend Friday’s FNM meeting, Mr McAlpine, who is a reverend, said he had a previous church engagement.

“This was not a meeting of importance, it was not a town meeting. If it was, it should not have been held at the FNM headquarters in the first place. If it was held someplace else, other than the FNM headquarters, then it might have warranted me being there. This was more a meeting for party supporters rather than the people,” he said.

Mr McAlpine said the FNM today is unrecognisable and seems to have a United Bahamian Party “spirit”.

Asked if he is considering joining the PLP, he responded: “I am a Bahamian who is pro-people and I support anybody who supports the Bahamians people.”

He added: “I still feel like I have options, and it is still time for me to take an introspective view and continue to listen – I am for the people.”

The outspoken MP also referred to Dr Minnis’ failure to address calls for the resignations of Health Minister Dr Duane Sands and National Security Minister Marvin Dames as he indicated he would. A judge called their conduct relating to Frank Smith’s bribery and extortion trial “egregious”. Mr Smith was acquitted of the charges.

“I think what is even more important than what the PM has said is the fact that people are still waiting for an explanation. You fire three persons because of the Westminster system. I think the greater problem is this, the PM said that when he would have held this meeting he would address the issue as it pertains to his ministers. He did not do that.

“These are the kinds of things the cause leadership and the governing party to seem to lack integrity. That should have been priority; if you tell the people you are going to do something, then people expect to hear from you.

“The Bahamas is waiting to hear the PM’s take on what the chief magistrate had to say concerning his ministers in the trial of corruption that was held as it pertains to the Frank Smith case.”

At Friday’s meeting, Dr Minnis also said that the PLP is the very definition of corruption, an assertion Mr McAlpine took issue with.

“There have been people in the PLP that we might have somehow thought that their behaviour might have been considered corrupt . . .(those allegations) have yet to be proven in a court of law, but you cannot say that. Just how we can throw stones at the PLP, stones can be thrown at the FNM with similar allegations. Does that make the FNM a corrupt group? I don’t think so.

“So I can’t go around calling any political organisation as corrupt. Some people may see us (the FNM) as corrupt.”


tell_it_like_it_is 1 year ago

Oh boy... Fire Burnin in Andros... or is it Grand Bahama?... rofl


Naughtydread 1 year ago

The only reason this arrogant idiot even won a seat it because the Bahamian voters were so upset with the blatant corruption of the PLP. Anyone who was running for an FNM seat basically had the best opportunity to win in the last election. This asshole is by far one of the most clueless and self entitled MP's in the house currently. Does he actually think Minnis is going to let him join in when he constantly lashes out like a three year old to put the spotlight back on him?


DDK 1 year ago

"Mr McAlpine said the FNM today is unrecognisable and seems to have a United Bahamian Party “spirit”. As that political party ran the Country for less than ten years, over five decades ago, Mr. McApline must have deep-seated reasons for making such a remark.......


The_Oracle 1 year ago

As Long as Party Politics rule over good Governance nothing will change, we will keep fools in office. There are too few exceptions.


licks2 12 months ago

He finally let it out: "they letting a good player". . .emphasis on good. . .sitting on the sideline during a game. . .something I think is rampant in the all parties. . .not so much in this FNM. . .but out of control in all PLP governments since 1967 but not so much in HI governments. This MP is like a man who wants a woman to love him back because he thinks he is a better man for her. . .THE MORE HE GO BALLISTIC TO MAKE HER SEE HIM THE BETTER MAN. . .THE MORE ANTICS THE MORE SHE DISLIKES HIM. . . THIS MAN WILL NOT LOVE ANYBODY BUT HIMSELF IT SEEM.


sheeprunner12 12 months ago

ALL 38 MPs and 16 Senators are PETTY and NIGGARDLY ........ an embarrassment to the Mother Parliament.


thephoenix562 12 months ago

Whoop there it is.I didn't get picked for any top post so now i mad.The truth shall make you free.Carry on.


TigerB 12 months ago

Stay or leave... that is the question, he don't want to leave, but he keep chopping his neck off. Send him to Brave them or DNA, that should solve his problem.


banker 12 months ago

tell dat batty beuy to sit small. he een gern git elected next time.


CatIslandBoy 12 months ago

McAlpine is just so full of himself!!!! What an idiot!


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