Ex-Pm Ingraham Leads Observation Mission

FORMER Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham led an electoral observation mission of the Organisation of American States to Dominica for its general election last week.

According to a press release from the OAS, the election was peaceful and enthusiastic.

The mission led by Mr Ingraham was made up of 20 experts and observers from 14 countries, who deployed throughout the 21 constituencies of Dominica to observe the poll. The mission conducted a substantive analysis of key aspects of the electoral process, including electoral organisation and technology, the voters’ list, electoral justice, campaign financing and the political participation of women.

The mission arrived in the country on November 30.

To learn about preparations for the process, and to hear different perspectives on the elections, the mission engaged with a range of stakeholders, including electoral and government authorities, political parties and candidates, civil society actors and other observer missions. The mission’s experts also scrutinised available legislation, regulations, processes and procedures in these areas, to ensure a full understanding of the current context.

“The mission congratulates the government on its new term in office and notes that this reflects the will of the people,” the OAS press release noted.

Mr Ingraham is expected to return to Nassau today.


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