Four Face Court Over Marijuana Charges


Tribune Freeport Reporter


FOUR men were charged with possession of dangerous drugs in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Corey Nixon, 23, and John Davis, 22, appeared before Magistrate Debbye Ferguson charged with possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply.

It is alleged that on March 26, the accused were found cultivating Indian hemp, namely six marijuana plants and 33 silver foil wraps weighing six pounds, valued at $6,000.

The men pleaded not guilty to the drug charge.

In a separate matter, Davis was charged with two counts of stealing and one count of attempted stealing from a vehicle.

It is alleged that on March 26, the accused stole a grey Honda Pilot parked at Coral Reef Loop and stole $40, the property of Estepheny Zephy. It is also alleged that between February 17 and 18, Davis stole a black 2016 Ford Focus at Coral Reef Estates and a pair of brown Oakley shades valued $250, the property of Ricardo Rolle. It also alleged that between February 17 and 18, at Freeport, the accused intended to steal from a 2006 Honda GR at Coral Reef Loop, the property of Natasha Dean.

Davis pleaded not guilty to the charges. Prosecutor Sergeant Calsey Arthur told the court that Davis is a prolific offender with antecedents and objected to bail. He told the court that the accused is likely to fail to surrender to authorities and commit an offence while on bail.

Brian Hanna, who represented Nixon, asked the magistrate to give his client bail, whom he said was employed in landscaping.

Deputy Chief Magistrate granted Davis and Nixon bail in the amount of $2,000 each and adjourned the matters to June 17.

Meanwhile two men — Joel Prenelus, 21, and Aaron Storr, 19 — pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs.

According to the particulars, on March 27 at Freeport, sometime around 11.30am, police stopped a vehicle occupied by Prenelus who was found in possession of a clear plastic bag, containing one gram of cocaine valued at $5, and Storr, who was found in possession of one gram of Indian hemp, also valued at $5.

Magistrate Ferguson asked the accused if the drugs were for their private use, and both said yes. Prenelus, who is employed as a cook helper, told the judge that he wanted to try something new.

Storr, employed in food and beverage, said that he smoked Indian hemp for relaxation. “It keeps me at ease and focused, so I could stay out of trouble,” he told the judge.

Magistrate Ferguson advised the young men that doing drugs would not benefit them.

“It is not a good habit to develop; I can’t tell you how to live your lives, but if you continue to do drugs you will be back here in court,” she said.

She convicted both Prenelus and Storr of possession of dangerous drugs and imposed a fine of $700 each or four months in prison. She also ordered the exhibits to be destroyed.

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