Contractor Fined $5,000 For Fraud Over Merchandise


Tribune Staff Reporter


A CONTRACTOR was fined $5,000 yesterday or nine months in prison for his involvement in a scheme which defrauded two local businesses of thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Shawn Moxey, 43, of Toote Shop Corner, stood before Magistrate Samuel McKinney yesterday for sentencing.

He is one of three men - including Jason Thompson, 45, and Jason Rahming, 40 - arraigned earlier this week on conspiracy, fraud and receiving charges, stemming from transactions carried out between Thursday, August 23 and Tuesday, September 4.

According to court dockets, it is alleged that on August 23, two men produced a cheque from Bahamas Supermarkets Limited to service the purchase of a front-loading washer valued at $1,454.13 and a dryer valued at $1,090.98 from Bahamas Welding and Fire.

Two days later, on Saturday, August 25, a second cheque was produced to service the purchase of a refrigerator and dispenser valued at $1,524.32, also to Bahamas Welding and Fire.

The cheques were found to be fraudulent two weeks later.

Additionally, on Tuesday, September 4, a third cheque, in the amount of $3,002, was prepared for Nassau Gas and Tanks to service the purchase of two gas tanks. The cheque was also later found to be fraudulent.

At their initial arraignment on Tuesday, Moxey pleaded guilty to the receiving charges, but denied all others.

Before Magistrate McKinney handed down his sentence yesterday, Moxey's attorney, Theresa Butler, submitted that her client had, prior to his involvement in the matter, operated as an upstanding citizen who made valuable contributions to the country through his craft.

She also indicated that Moxey, upon realising the circumstances in which the items were obtained, turned them over to police.

Upon hearing the submission, Magistrate fined Moxey $1,500 or nine months in prison for the first offence, $1,500 or nine months in prison for the second offence and $3,000 or nine months in prison for the third offence. Moxey agreed to pay $3,000 upfront and the remaining $2,000 by next Monday. He was released from custody yesterday.

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