The Things That Mps Say

EDITOR, The Tribune.

ONE is amazed at the incredible acts of certain MP’s, acts as in statements they make - ludicrous, stupid, inept and incredibly unfounded.

MPs stand and the first thing that comes out of their mouths is that laughable statement how proud they are to represent that Constituency….I have to ask on this Budget did they consult — did they hold meetings and take at the minimum a straw poll whether their constituents who they are so proud to represent, all FNMs-PLPs-DNAs and others? Now not just the FNM supporters everyone.

Wow, St Barnabas MP so confident that his constituents supported the budget he put his own head on the guillotine and I am sure he did not hold any meetings but sprouted he is proud to represent St Barnabas residents - I suggest under totally false pretences as did he consult and I doubt any of those residents can afford or support a 12 percent VAT.

What’s the big deal on electricity? Your bill might be under $200.00 or liable to VAT at 12 percent of $24.00 but after June through September your BP&L bill will not be under $200.00 it will be over $350.00! A/C time!

I watched Rev McAlpine’s contribution…unfortunately for PM Minnis the camera kept of including him even when McAlpine praised the FNM Minnis did not bang, support, the comment not once. Truth hurts I suspect?

The evidence that the FNM Backbench MP’s did not know about the VAT increases raises a most serious issue - are MP’s not all equal - what authority were they not told pre-the Budget Statement.

Curious since May, 2017 the Cabinet Secretary seems to have become very political — was it her place to walk with the Cabinet and FNM MP’s from Churchill Building on Budget day? Cabinet Secretary has nothing to do with Finance in fact the Acting Finance Secretary was seated in the House Gallery, he took his appropriate place. We saw her during the infamous Hollywood Oban Energy HOA signing very openly clapping - we further saw her during the public relations photo-op of Cabinet May, 2017 clapping again very much not neutral - but could not recognise who was signing? A person who had retired, left the Civil Service brought back like Hubert Ingraham did leaving other potential candidates wondering is there ever a chance of promotion? Were we not told a FNM Government would not continue that practice?

So much we were told would change and so much has come to pass and remains the same is an everyday occurrence…

The People’s Time! The biggest juck-up that has been put on Bahamians. Lord pray for us for what we did!



June 9, 2018.


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