No Official Report On Dog 'Shot By Police'


POLICE are seeking information regarding a recent video circulating on social media where civilians are accusing an officer of allegedly shooting and killing their dog.

Inspector Percy Grant, the Humane Society's shelter manager, said although the organisation has been contacted by the press for comments on the video, representatives have yet to receive any official reports on the matter.

"We don't know if the story is true, it's very funny because we haven't had anybody - other than people making comments - we haven't had any sort of communication with nobody in the whole circle of the Humane Society," he explained.

"So yes we would like to find information, we would like people to let us know, but we have not heard anything from anybody other than comments that was on Facebook," he continued.

The paper also reached out to Superintendent of Police Shanta Knowles, press liaison officer, who said that she is also awaiting information on the incident.

Two videos along with a photo were posted in a local Facebook group, which captured a Rottweiler writhing while blood drained from a gunshot wound inches away from its eye.

The dog's owner can be heard behind the camera, alleging that a policeman came into his yard and killed his pet.

In the first video, the owner tells the dying dog to sit, but another person in the background explains that the dog is restless because it is struggling to breathe.

In the first 30 seconds of the clip, the owner exclaimed: "Dread! Police come in our yard and kill our dog bey... so the police shoot the dog. That police right over there shoot our dog bey (sic)."

He then turned the camera to show an officer in uniform just a feet away, leaning on a broken-down truck.

The owner can also be heard asking another person if it was okay to record the officer, because he wasn't sure if he was allowed to do so, and did not want to be shot as well.

He then zoomed in to show the bullet hole on the dog's face as more blood oozed from the wound and on to the ground.

"Police came in the yard and shoot the dog and he ain't even do nothing. He came in our yard and shoot the dog for no reason. He's a peaceful dog, he ain't never hurt no one," the owner stated.

The dog can be seen on camera grunting, while another man in the background can be heard asking onlookers if they saw "all of the blood coming out through the dog's head."

One lady then states: "He dead, now the blood coming out of the wound," while a third male can be heard off camera saying that the police should have just "given the dog a warning shot in the air."

In the second video, the dog can be seen lying down taking shallow breaths.

The owner accused the officer of killing the dog with a "revolver" and said that he did so after hearing the dog bark.

The video ends with the owner stating: "What he gun doing in he hand? He draw his gun. He gun was done ready."

Anyone who can provide more information is asked to contact the Humane Society hotline at 323-5138.


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