Suspect Accused Of Eight Mile Rock Raid


Tribune Freeport Reporter


ANTHONY DeAngelo Parker was arraigned in the Supreme Court on charges of armed robbery and robbery in relation to an incident that occurred in Eight Mile Rock in March 2017.

Parker, who appeared before Justice Estelle Gray-Evans, was not represented by an attorney. It is alleged that he, on March 31, 2017, at Eight Mile Rock, robbed Weneil Ethney of $278.98 while armed with a firearm. The money was the property of Smart Shopping Convenience Store.

It is alleged that on the same date and place, Parker robbed Weneil Ethney of an iPhone valued at $150.

Parker pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Justice Evans informed the defendant that he had 21 days to provide an alibi to the court or the Office of the Attorney General.

Parker informed Justice Evans that he had been incarcerated for nine months and had appeared for two bail hearings, but was told his bail application could not be heard because he had not yet pleaded to the charges.

The judge ordered Parker remain in Freeport for one additional day to possibly accommodate a bail application hearing today.

When asked if he was represented by counsel, Parker said he was not. Justice Evans asked the defendant if he needed the court to assist him in finding a lawyer, but he stated his family was looking into getting an attorney for him.

The trial was set for March 2, 2020, and the pre-trial review was set down for February 21, 2019.

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