Jean Rony Case Adjourned Again


Jean Rony Jean-Charles outside court at an earlier appearance.


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE Jean Rony Jean-Charles case was adjourned again on Friday as lawyers for the Bahamas-born man and the Office of the Attorney General were unable to agree to terms that would fast-track the case to the Court of Appeal.

The parties have hoped to avoid lengthy back-and-forth arguments as they aim to stay Supreme Court Justice Gregory Hilton's recent ruling in the matter. They desire a "clean path" towards the Court of Appeal without "procedural skirmishes," lead attorney for the AG's office, Loren Klein, said in court. He added the parties have agreed on 95 per cent of the issues that would help fast-track the case, but encountered a "fork in the road" that has given rise to an irreconcilable difference.

That complication appeared to concern whether Mr Jean-Charles should be allowed to apply for status before his case is fully adjudicated at the appellate courts. Mr Jean-Charles’ lawyer, Fred Smith, QC, said his client will apply for citizenship within the "next few weeks."

Otherwise, the parties have agreed to at least two key terms, that the government would not arrest, charge, interfere with, detain or remove Mr Jean-Charles from the Bahamas based on his immigration status’ pending appeal; and that Mr Jean-Charles' lawyers would set down its desire for a hearing of an assessment of damages pending the appeal.

After the adjournment, Mr Bethel told reporters: "We will continue in our discussions with the other side. What is most important to us from a policy point of view is that we have a clean, unimpeded and rapid approach to the Court of Appeal without side issues and we can have a clear determination of all of the legal issues posed by this case by the Court of Appeal. That is the intent and I think both sides to this issue share the same strategic goal and whatever the impediment that occurred today was, I'm sure we will find a way to get over that on Monday so we can cease bothering Justice Hilton and get before the Court of Appeal where we can get an authoritative determination of these issues. They're never going to be settled at this level because there is a ruling; one party agrees, the other party does not. We have to go to another tribunal and get there as quickly as possible."

For his part, Mr Smith, in an effort to prove Mr Jean-Charles' deep ties to the country, produced a letter from CV Bethel confirming Mr Jean-Charles attended that school, as well as Wilton Albury Primary School, TG Glover Primary School, Flamingo Gardens Primary School and SC McPherson Junior High School. "This is a man who has embedded roots in the Bahamas," Mr Smith said.

The case was adjourned to 2.30pm Monday.


TheMadHatter 2 years, 11 months ago

Why don't we just hire a small cruise ship - lease it for one year and run continuous trips back and forth to Haiti - BRINGING Haitians here?

Clearly there is no point in trying to get rid of them. You have too many liberal cry babies making noise.

Some people only learn the hard way....so the Government should provide free transportation (we already do from Exuma to Nassau) - from Haiti to Nassau and import at least 150,000 between now and Halloween.

The churches can take up collection and provide mattresses, church space, tents, plywood, food, water, and Halloween candy for all of them along with the current set.

In Haiti, they won't even be missed because 150 thousand is only one point three percent of their population.

The Haitian Government can then make a video and send us a slight variation on the old Doritos potato chip commercial with Jay Leno..."Crunch all you want, We'll make more."


DDK 2 years, 11 months ago

Watch it Hatter, if this goes viral they will be lining up at the ports!


stillwaters 2 years, 11 months ago

Yep......see what happened when the Canadian prime minister opened his mouth about them being welcomed if Trump was kicking them out.


TheMadHatter 2 years, 11 months ago

Well it's all in Carl Bethel's hands now. Hopefully he will have an Ace up his sleeve at Appleals Court.

At the same time, we're not hearing anything about a referendum. If they do one, hopefully they will do it on the ONE subject and not toss out a plethora of nonsense like they have done two out of the last three times.

  1. Does birth alone grant citizenship?

  2. If born here and only one parent is Bahamian, is the child required to give up his other citizenship (if possible) before the age of 20?

  3. If born here out of wedlock, should the child and mother be deported within 3 months?

  4. If within a marriage and neither parent has any status should all three be deported within 3 months?

  5. Should Fred Smith be amoung those on the first charter flight? Yeah, enshrine his name in the Constitution for a few decades...LOL

Of course wording has to be exact and reference which section/s are to be amended.

This needs to be done asap. Long before June.


TalRussell 2 years, 11 months ago

In the meantime Ma Comrades, whatever come about for hundreds City Market employees and their pensions - is there no fight in the Imperial Red Cabinet for them if it still remains unresolved? Brungs up the issue - exactly how safe/unsafe are employees pensions in this colony of islands - and I include government employees?


screwedbahamian 2 years, 11 months ago

Mr, Jean-Charles is a "Bahamas born man of Illegal Immigrant parent (s)". I hope that the Bahamas Attorney General's office will be reimbursed for legal fees and other expensed in having to defending this travesty. The public should be made aware of the cost to the Bahamian people and verification of reimbursement.. Like in 2011 when the Ingraham government took away the Bahamian people pensions and increased the contributions retroactively to the inception date due to mismanagement and corruption.Look for the same thing to be repeated in the not to distant future where the true Bahamian with have to contribute for 50 year before they will be able to collect a pension do to the expenses being incurred for the lack of proper and implemented Immigration Laws.


TalRussell 2 years, 11 months ago

Ma Comrades, 83.4% you's don't care damn about how pensions are loosey goosey managed and few those with have a pension in private sector come anywhere close matching those of government workers... but its your taxes which pays give them the best kinds pension terms... likes defined benefit plans paying a monthly amount for life - including iron clad adjustments for rising inflation.


birdiestrachan 2 years, 11 months ago

Jean Rony, Jean Charles Who is the real Jean. and what name did the Haitian Embassy have/>??> The games people play. especially when they think you are dumb.


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