Reduction On Electricity Bills 'Not Due To Bpl'


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IF you’ve noticed a reduction on your Bahamas Power and Light billing, it’s probably because you used less electricity, BPL Chairman Donovan Moxey told The Tribune Monday, not because the electricity provider did anything differently.

“The fuel surcharge is still relatively the same,” Mr Moxey told The Tribune, adding that he too had seen a drop on his bill.

He was asked about changes at BPL that could have prompted the reduction for consumers.

“I would tell consumers to look at their usage rates because the fuel surcharge is still relatively the same. For the most part usage is a factor. We also know that temperature is also a factor. When the weather is hot, we tend to use more. It’s cooler now so people are using less.”

Several BPL customers took to social media recently to report lower bills.

One user said: “New light bill just came out 7 days ago. $76...Hope others has dropped since not much need for ac during this Cool period .. Cause that was the only thing keeping us over $200.”

Others said their bills were either significantly less than $100 or not much over that mark.

“That’s a Christmas miracle,” another person posted.

Last month, Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said a company was selected to probe the rising cost of electricity, but the details could not be made public because the matter had not yet gone before Cabinet.

His comments came after the government tabled an amendment to the Value Added Tax Act seeking to temporarily increase the VAT-free ceiling on electricity bills to $300.

The amendment, which came into force on November 1, ensure the change does not expire until July 1, 2019.

Increased light bills have been a point of contention for consumers and was part of the reason for a large protest on Bay Street in November.

Recognising that many people struggle to afford the spike in cost, Dr Minnis has told reporters the government will do whatever it can to relieve this stress.

At the time Dr Minnis said: “We have committees looking at it. We understand that there are some people having challenges with light bills and we are cognizant of that and we will do whatever we can to try and relieve their pain and their stress.”

“That’s what a good government does,” he said.


Well_mudda_take_sic 2 years ago

Minnis declared to Moxey: "Let there be plenty of low cost light for my voters this Christmas!" LMAO


DDK 2 years ago

"His comments came after the government tabled an amendment to the Value Added Tax Act seeking to temporarily increase the VAT-free ceiling on electricity bills to $300."

Never anything to help struggling businesses with exorbitant utility bills. Putting VAT on electrical bills to begin with was an act of cruelty, pure and simple. Would love to levy tax on every single M.P. every time the power goes off!


John 2 years ago

Oil prices have fallen 60 percent below the price for January 2018. In fact oil prices are at their lowest levels in ten years. And these drops in oil prices started in October 2018. So fuel surcharges should be coming down by now and should be cut in half by March. But, as usual, the BPL consumer. Will get stuck with high surcharges and soon as oil prices start to go back up so will the surcharges. Simply means if oil prices hit $100 again, many will not be able to afford BPL and their power will be disconnected.


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