Canadian Man Charged With Possession Of Dangerous Drugs


Tribune Staff Reporter


A CANADIAN man was charged with possession of 9.5 pounds of dangerous drugs in a magistrate’s court on Monday.

Reginald Merritt, 54, of Montreal, Canada appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney where he pled not guilty to all four charges relating to heroin.

These included one count each of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply, importation of dangerous drugs, conspiracy to posses dangerous drugs with intent to supply, and conspiracy to import dangerous drugs.

It is alleged that on December 27 in New Providence, Merritt was found possession of a “quantity of dangerous drugs”, namely heroin, with intent to supply the same to another, according to the court particulars.

It is also alleged that on that same day, Merritt “did import” in the Bahamas a quantity of heroin.

Furthermore, it is alleged that sometime between December 19-27th, 2018, Merritt, "being concerned with others, did conspire to possess a quantity of dangerous drugs (namely heroin) with intent to supply”.

It also alleged that sometime between December 19-27, Merritt, along with others, did conspire to import dangerous drug into the Bahamas.

According to initial police reports, shortly after 3pm on December 27, Drug Enforcement officers acting on information conducted a search of Merritt’s luggage at the Lynden Pindling International Airport and uncovered six packages of what was suspected to be heroin.

The drugs were estimated to weigh 9.5 pounds and worth $90,000.

Merritt pleaded not guilty to all of the charges on Monday. The matter was adjourned to February 5th, 2019 for trial.

Magistrate McKinney explained to Merritt that his court does not have the jurisdiction or authority to grant bail. However, the magistrate noted Merritt does have the option of applying to the Supreme Court.

Merritt was remanded to the Department of Correctional Services in the interim.


DillyTree 2 years ago

What an idiot.

He will find Fox Hell is unlike the coddling Canadian jail system, and doesn't offer A/C or cable TV.


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