We Need To Tempt The Tourists Off Those Ships

EDITOR, The Tribune

Tourism arrivals – well irony in that the FNM are now praising the economic effect of the Baha Mar project – had to be sort of a happy occasion for the good Minister seeing that his buddy Sarkis created it and PM Christie dug the whole mess out…thanks also to EXIM.

Baha Mar, yes, is part of the increase in visitor arrivals but don’t underestimate the effects of the quiet tourism, created by Bahamians through AirB&B and other groups - AirB&B has more rooms under their data base than a Baha Mar…what is the effect of this? 2,300 residences in Nassau times say two-bedrooms crashed the rooms available at Baha Mar or Atlantis.

Does tourism have any concept of how many visitors this sector is bringing in and honestly have little promotion - affect on?

Cruise arrivals…Whether Prince George Wharf looks good or not only a two percent increase…will the new concessionaire probably Arawak Port Development/Global Holdings be able to improve on that? Sorry – No-spend millions on a cosmetic improvement which you have only government to blame for unless the ships visit earlier on their itinerary forget any appreciable Cruise visitor spend…we need dem folks to disembark…have money in their debt and credit cards which only earlier visits on their cruise will create - if only Ministry of Tourism would understand.



November 24, 2018.


joeblow 1 year, 5 months ago

If you see how grungy downtown Nassau is, you might not want to get off a ship either!

If the government has invested the money they used to buy that hotel in Freeport in workshops to train people who work in the straw market and downtown stores and clean up downtown in an effort to improve the overall visitor experience, they would have gotten a better return on their investment! But no such luck!


TheMadHatter 1 year, 5 months ago

  1. Cleanup the warf and paint and ting
  2. Get the bums and babbits from 'round there
  3. Stop subleasing straw market booth to Haitian
  4. Give businesses 50% off NIB payments and 20% off business license fee if they stay open until 11pm
  5. Put 4 FREE open-air tram trolley going back and forth from Nassau Street to Mackey Street 8am to 11pm.

I'm sure NONE of the above will be done and cleaning up the warf will be a campaign promise again in 2022.

Celebrate Independence !!!!! LOL


birdiestrachan 1 year, 5 months ago

Mr: Christie worked hard to have BAH MAR opened. While D:AGuilar and Roc wit doc Criticize the buyers made false allegations and promised to sell BAH MAR when they became the Government.

Grand Bahama is waiting for them to sell OUR Lucaya.


newcitizen 1 year, 5 months ago

We really need to up the level of literacy in the country. This letter is barely readable.


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