Contractor Who Used Marijuana For Anxiety Fined $750


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE lawyer for a 27-year-old contractor battling anxiety yesterday told a magistrate his client uses marijuana to self-medicate.

Stefan Hall, of Fox Hill, stood before Magistrate Samuel McKinney and admitted he had planned to smoke the quantity of drugs found in his possession on August 24, "to relieve stress".

His attorney, Bjorn Ferguson, told the court the demands of his client's profession often triggers his anxiety, for which he took marijuana.

According to court dockets, Hall, while with another man, was discovered in possession of the drugs.

Prosecutors indicated the two men, while travelling in the area of South Beach, were stopped by police and searched.

As a result of that search, a quantity of drugs was discovered on the floor mat of the vehicle and the two were taken into custody.

Mr Ferguson told Magistrate McKinney his client has sought medical treatment for the condition, but to no avail.

He pleaded to the court for a conditional discharge, insisting his client is a productive young man, making positive contributions to the country.

Accepting the plea, Magistrate McKinney fined Hall $750 for the offence, $400 of which had to be paid before he could be released from custody.

Charges against Hall's passenger were not pursued by prosecutors.

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