Community Service For Cosmetics Thief


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAGISTRATE yesterday ordered a 29-year-old woman to serve 120 hours of community service after she pleaded guilty to stealing $632 in premium cosmetic products from a Paradise Island outlet.

The order by Magistrate Samuel McKinney came after the accused, Natasha Georges of Coconut Grove, pleaded guilty to a single charge of theft and accepted the prosecution's record of facts for the August 6 incident.

Georges, who indicated to the court that she was employed as a public servant, admitted that she, while at John Bull at the Coral Towers in the Atlantis resort stole MAC Cosmetics products from the store.

During her initial arrest and questioning, Georges was presented with video evidence of her offence and later pointed herself out in the video.

She also turned over all the stolen goods to police, before being taken into custody.

Considering her admission and that she is a mother, Magistrate McKinney imposed his ruling of 120 hours of community service.

The matter was adjourned to December 18.

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