Baha Mar Chef Fined $350


Tribune Staff Reporter


A BAHA Mar chef was yesterday ordered to compensate a complainant $350 or face a conviction after pleading guilty to a charge of causing harm.

Tamar Rahming, 28, of Buttonwood Avenue, appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney facing a charge that stemmed from a July 15 argument at the resort.

According to police records, on the date in question, Rahming and a co-worker, Jemmerson Hanna, got into an argument while both engaged in their respective duties.

Moments later, Mr Hanna alleged he was approached by Rahming, who asked: "What you had to say to my girl?"

The argument then escalated.

Attorney Jairam Mangra, who represented Rahming during the proceedings, petitioned the court for leniency in the matter.

Mr Mangra stressed that Rahming, a "promising chef" who has represented the Bahamas at the Caribbean Hotel Association Regional competition in Florida for the last two years, had a temporary lapse in judgment and made a "regretful" decision.

"Your worship, he has accepted responsibility for his actions which he, in my consultation with him, accepts that it was a wrongful act done hastily... in fact, it was a foolish act on his part and, of course, any such action does have serious consequences," Mr Mangra said.

"He is very remorseful," he added.

Mr Mangra told the court that Rahming is positioning himself to pursue further education and training and opted not to waste the court's time in the matter, in hopes of the court viewing his honesty and cooperation in the ordeal as a redeemable quality.

Mr Mangra asked the court to accept the defendant's guilty plea and hand down a conditional release, and not a custodial sentence.

In making his ruling, Magistrate McKinney cautioned Rahming over the matter.

He told the defendant that moving forward, his actions should be reflective of his pursuits.

Magistrate McKinney said the court viewed Rahming as remorseful and serious about rehabilitation.

Taking those factors into consideration, he ordered Rahming to compensate Mr Hanna $350 through the court by tomorrow or face action.

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