You Should Use Your Vote

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THROUGHOUT the world, the political class is held in contempt today.

They seem unable to come to grips with the problems in their home countries, it is all talk and no acton. The result is extreme groups are winning elections. We have seen this happen in the US with the election of Donald Trump and there are some frightening elections coming up this year in France, Holland and Germany.

The parties we are familiar with are all in trouble to some degree and in many countries being challenged by more radical political groups. 

But what about The Bahamas where we have a game changing election coming up in no more than two months. Who to vote for must be a nightmare.

The two main parties spend more time slinging mud at each other than suggesting solutions to the huge problems we have in this small country. What we also get  is all talk and no action.

So as a Bahamian voter, vote but read the various parties manifestos carefully and listen to their speeches.

There will be many promises of what they are going to do but most likely very little about how they propose to do it.

Mud slinging and promises will not solve our problems.

In my opinion, you should ask yourself a number of questions such as :-

  1. Has your life improved over the past five years and do you feel happier with life now moreso than you did five years ago?

  2. Are there more or less opportunities to get satisfying work now than there were?

  3. Do you see a brighter future for you and your children ahead with things as they are now?

  4. Is the education of your children satisfactory so you feel  they are able to obtain good jobs when they graduate?

  5. Is crime a serious issue in your life and could the high level of criminal activity be halted?

There are so many questions that need answering not least, is this country becoming a gamblers paradise with web shops on every corner.

If you cannot answer these questions positively then perhaps it is time for some new group to get a chance to govern the country.

Personally I think you should look at each individual candidate in your constituency regardless of party.

If you are satisfied your choice is honest and has integrity and more important going to do the best job they can for you, and will put their best efforts into improving life in the Bahamas then vote for them, forget the party.



March 7, 2017.


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