Public Disclosures Commission Still Reviewing Filings

By Ricardo Wells

THE Public Disclosures Commission has held several meetings in recent weeks, according to Chairman Myles Laroda, who yesterday suggested the unit was still reviewing the status of various 2016 and 2017 filings.

Addressing the recent actions of the PDC, Mr Laroda told The Tribune the unit was now meeting “regularly,” but still wasn’t in a position to add anything “new”.

He also claimed neither he nor his unit could address any ongoing issues with filings from the 2016 and 2017 periods, or the government’s self-imposed deadline to prosecute delinquent public officials under the Public Disclosure Act.

However, he said clarification could come “probably soon”.

There was a July 3 timeline set by Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis for the files on delinquent disclosures to be sent to the Office of the Attorney General.

Since then the first annual deadline for newly elected members of Parliament and senators to submit their full disclosures has also passed.

The government has, in the past, used the initial deadline - which coincided closely with the expiration date of board appointments - as the main reason for inaction.

Additionally, Mr Laroda has also said the PDC had problems meeting because of a mould issue in their office.

When contacted yesterday, Mr Laroda said: “I have nothing sensational to add at this time. Nothing sensational to say. We are meeting. I can say that. We are meeting regularly and we may have something, probably soon.”

Asked if the government had adjusted its stance on its deadline, Mr Laroda added: “No, not to my knowledge. There are no new deadlines coming. If anything changes with that, that won’t come from me or the commission. We aren’t in that sort of position.”

The Tribune then questioned if filings from the 2016 and 2017 periods were waived and whether or not complete focus was now being given to the 2018 period, to which Mr Laroda contended: “No such discussion has been had.”

He continued: “We had, among other things, discussions on the 2016 and 2017 period. So, as far as I am aware, those issues are still something we are dealing with.”

In the case of people appointed or elected after the annual March 1 deadline, the Public Disclosure Act states that disclosures must be filed within three months from the date - effectively, August 10 for MPs and August 22 for senators.

On July 12, Mr Laroda said at least three people failed to file their disclosures in the time the prime minister allotted. 


hrysippus 2 years, 9 months ago

Public Disclosures must review,.. ............. To make quite sure that all is true,.. ............. All monies that the MPs make,. ......... ......... Are recorded true with nothing fake, .. ..... ... But some of dose ministers have been crooks, ,. .... Learning how to "cook the books"., ... ..... Their funds paid into banks abroad,.. .. ..... ... Extorted dollars gained through fraud. ............... .......... With a new treaty signed for tax exchange,.. ......... the Commission can extend it's range, ............. .......... And request the details of their wealth, ..... ........ In US accounts opened in stealth, ..... ...... ....... The FBI would lend a hand, ............ ........ ...... Returning this money to our land.. .. ...... This especially true for those retired, . .......... .... with reputations scandal mired. ... .............


sheeprunner12 2 years, 9 months ago

It is so ironic that the FNM came in with all of this fire and fury ........ Disclosure deadlines, Minister lockups, and Corporation firings ........... and how strange that everything has just peetered out with excuses after excuses ........... Suppose the answers are not politically expedient.


bogart 2 years, 9 months ago

You are not the only one. The finance minister sat right across the table andsaw the Bank of the Bahamas fiasco with 100 million poured into Resolve for many bad loans from various other members and assets valued less than half and futther spent 40 million for rights issue then promptly after elections poured another 166 million dollars for loans with property values less than half while blaming former members for paltry 42 million in comparison missing then says its found, laying off workers cupboards bare but salaries paid going up. All the fire and fury.......We got goosied and read anout everyone flying off to some foreign country. Look at Carls Jr. Business is bad so they closed down, cut losses.


TalRussell 2 years, 9 months ago

Comrades my reliable source says Satan himself has held several meetings in recent weeks to works out the arrangements to start preparing a special bucket ice water reserved for the way the Prime Minister of the Imperial Red Shirts Cabinet, thinks they's taking the peoples intelligence for donkey 'doo.'


TheMadHatter 2 years, 9 months ago

Once elected to Parliament you have no requirements except to start working on the list of lies you plan to tell during the next election cycle. If they sound good and juicy, the people will put you back in office.

That's how it works, if you want to hear the truth. If you want to hear some lies i can quote you some laws and regulations.


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