Pm Pays Tribute To Civil Servant Retiring After 45 Years Of Working For The Nation


Tribune Staff Reporter


COLLEEN Nottage, a public service worker for 45 years who rose to become permanent secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Sciences during her career, was given a lavish farewell ceremony at the British Colonial Hilton Hotel yesterday to mark her retirement.

She was serenaded with a song by National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage, delivered a wagon full of goods from Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources V Alfred Gray, and praised as an exceptional servant of her country by Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Her work experiences in the public sector were diverse, having served in key positions in the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and Environment, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the Ministry of Public Safety and Immigration, the Ministry of Economic Development, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Sciences, among others.

Mr Christie, who as a teenager and young adult was a friend of Ms Nottage, said it’s important to have proper succession planning to replace public service workers with distinguished careers when they retire.

“One concern we’ve had and this comes up as we engage in the national development plan, is to ensure that we integrate into the public services effective, continuing service,” he said. “Our country is absolutely dependent on good advice. We are becoming a very complex country.”


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