Election Night Murder Charge Dropped


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN walked away free from the Supreme Court yesterday after the prosecution, on the orders of the attorney general, discontinued its murder case against him.

Jeffery Hepburn, 22, was to stand trial before Justice Vera Watkins concerning one of two May 7, 2012 election night murders.

Hepburn has denied the murder charge he faced concerning the death of 42-year-old Bridgette Williams.

However, a nolle prosequi was handed to the judge requesting that proceedings against him be discontinued.

Around 11pm on the night in question, near Dunmore Avenue and Baillou Hill Road, Williams was repeatedly shot and then rolled over by a car following an argument that took place between the occupants of a Honda Inspire vehicle and her son.

The 12-member jury, which had been empanelled on Monday to hear evidence in the case against Hepburn, was brought into the courtroom to be formally discharged after an explanation was given.

“Madam foreman and members of the jury, counsel and I had discussions just a short while ago and as a result of those discussions and the fact that the attorney general decided to discontinue the matter before you, this matter is now at an end,” the judge said.

She repeated the same to Hepburn, who was further informed of the Crown’s right to initiate prosecution against him again if it desired.

“You are formally discharged,” Justice Watkins said.

Hepburn’s lawyer, Ian Cargill, requested that his client’s electronic monitoring bracelet - imposed on him as a condition for bail - be removed.


John 4 years, 11 months ago

And then what usually happens to them a short time after the court releases them, whether innocent of guilty?


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