Suspect In Police Shooting Faces Armed Robbery Charge


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN, who had almost a week ago been wanted by police in connection with the recent shooting of two police officers, was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court on unrelated yet multiple criminal charges.

Reynaldo Adderley, 27, of Pinewood Gardens was brought before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez of Court no 1 to face a charge of armed robbery and threats of death, and three counts of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

It is claimed that Adderley, along with another, on February 6, robbed Mario Connolly of a gold chain and charm worth $7,000 while armed with a handgun.

Adderley was not allowed to enter a plea to this charge. He was told that his case would be tried in the Supreme Court as prosecutors would serve him with a Voluntary Bill of Indictment on June 25 to facilitate this.

He was then arraigned on the remaining charges where it is claimed that he, on February 7, was in possession of and used a firearm with intent to endanger the lives of Maurice Arthur, Adrian Miller and Benson Miller. He was not allowed to enter a plea to these charges, but pleaded not guilty to threatening Alexia Fox with death on the same day.

These matters will proceed to Supreme Court for trial through Voluntary Bills of Indictments to be served on June 25.

Adderley was represented by attorney Tai Pinder.

Adderley was not the only man arraigned in court on those charges.

Leroy Sweeting, 19, of Constitution Drive faced two charges of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life in which the victims of the alleged offence were police Constables 2989 Barr and 3127 Stubbs.

Sweeting is accused of committing these acts on February 3. He was not required to enter a plea to these charges and his case, like that of Adderley, will be fast tracked to the Supreme Court for trial. His Voluntary Bill of Indictment (VIB) will be served on June 27.

Emmanuel Rolle, 23, of Taylor Street, Nassau Village, was arraigned next on three charges of armed robbery and a single count of robbery

It is claimed that he, on December 21, 2012, while armed with a handgun, robbed Delvon Ferguson of $24,000 that belonged to Titans Webshop.

It is then claimed that he, along with 19-year-old Printano Bodie of Jack Fish Drive, during the month of January, robbed Eric Sands of cash and gold jewellery together valued at $895.

It is further claimed that he, while armed with a handgun on January 19, robbed a person of $2,200 cash and gold jewellery.

It is also claimed that he, on January 27, robbed Capucine Armoly of a $4,000 Honda Fit that is the property of Virgo Car Rental.

He was not required to enter a plea to the charges and was told that he would be served with a VBI on June 24 to have his matters forwarded to the Supreme Court.

Before being remanded to prison, his lawyer Stanley Rolle made allegations of police brutality against his client, claiming that his client was not only “fish bagged” but also assaulted with a cutlass and had his genitals tazed.

The attorney asked that his client receive immediate medical attention.

The magistrate agreed to the request before remanding Rolle, Adderley, Sweeting and the remaining accused man to Her Majesty’s Prison.


tonymontana 8 years, 2 months ago

Some thing needs to done about that big fat bald head police man , the one who escorts the prisoners to and from the courts . It was so amazing as Steven wrinkle was being led of to jail the bald head disrespectful police pointed him in the direction in which he should go and did not see the need to have him hold his head up when the cameras were on him , but the minute the little black boy who it was alleged shot at the police was being led out the courts this black shiny bald headed disrespectful lousy excuse for an officer pushes his head up and continues to tap him in the chest , live on national tv . this is not the first time this shiny bald headed lousy excuse for an officer has done this in front of the cameras and the general public , and not a peep from the fourth estate on his manhandling of would be alleged criminals , can you imagine what these guys get when they are hidden from camera view? if this is what is showered down on them in clear view of the public i shudder to think what befalls these citizens of this country of ours, the police are a law unto themselves, and this big fat out of shape, looks like a drag queen dressed as an officer, shiny bald headed ed excuse for a human needs to stop what he is doing .


Honeybun 8 years, 2 months ago

@tonymontana so hilarious I can't stop laughing but I agree with you completely...


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