Three Feared Dead As Boat Capsizes


Tribune Staff Reporter


ANTHONY Adderley says he has no idea how he can go on after losing his daughter, son and granddaughter all in one day.

Lakera Adderley, 23, Andy Adderley, 22 and five-year-old Keanne Demeritte are still missing and feared dead after a boat they were in capsized in waters off Exuma Friday afternoon.

According to reports, the 15-foot Boston Whaler left Williams Town, Exuma, for Long Island about 4:50pm with four persons on board.

About 15 minutes into the trip the boat is said to have hit a wave that capsized it, throwing the passengers overboard.

Shaquille Adderley, 21, one of the boat’s occupants was rescued by a passing boater around 8:00am on Saturday. He was clinging to the boat off Pigeon Cay and was taken to Long Island.

However, the other three passengers have not been located.
Police, Defence Force, BASRA, the US Coast Guard officials and residents have launched a vigorous search and rescue for the missing persons.

However, Mr Adderley said he has given up hope that his children will be found alive. The family, he said, is now making funeral preparations.

”I really don’t have any hope they are alive,” he said. “No one is looking for them to be found and returned. That is the reality. The guy who was on the boat, who was saved, told us he saw them all drown. He said the boat hit a wave and it flipped over. Everyone was thrown from the boat. He said my son went for my granddaughter and he went for my daughter. My son got Keanne but the current was so strong it pulled them both under. He said he tried to get my daughter, but she went to the bottom,” he said.

”At that time, he saw the current taking the boat out so he swam to it and went on top. That’s how he survived the night he just stayed there until he was rescued. This is a hard time for my family. They were making a trip that they usually make. Exuma isn’t far from Long Island and they went there to get some school supplies. We just want to find the bodies and have a funeral. We aren’t looking for them to come back alive, we just want to find the bodies, but we know that will be hard because of the current.”

Mr Adderley said the entire island is mourning the loss and he is grateful for all the support he has received so far.

“Today,” he said, “would have made my son 22. It is his birthday. He left two children behind. Everyone has pitched in, they have all been helping, searching and providing comfort. My daughter was a beautiful person. She was quiet and shy and to know her was to love her. My granddaughter was only five, but talking to her was like talking to an adult. She would have a conversation with you like she was an adult. They will all be missed.”

The Defence Force, the Police Force and BASRA are continuing the search.


my1cents 6 years, 10 months ago

sad story, to bad they were not all wearing life vest, especially the five year old!


alexispeack 6 years, 3 months ago

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