Lawyer Claims Accused Was 'Fishbagged'


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A LAWYER claimed police tried to drown his 17-year-old client when they 'fishbagged' him while he was in custody.

Stanley Rolle claimed the minor, while in custody in only his boxer shorts, was beaten about his body with a baseball bat.

He said there were several marks visible on his client's skin that were not there before being arrested by police and then claimed police tried to drown his client by 'fishbagging' him.

Rolle described the act as placing and tying a strong plastic bag around the head of a person and drowning them as a torture technique.

His claim came yesterday as the 17-year-old boy, of Lynden Alley, and Rico Rahming, 20, of Sugar Apple Street were arraigned on a murder charge before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez.

It is claimed that the two killed Keowanya Miller between May 9 and 10.

After the two were charged with murder, they were joined by 18-year-old Shermalle Ferguson of First Street and charged with a litany of crimes, including stealing from the home of former FNM Cabinet Minister Byron Woodside.

It was before the three were remanded to Her Majesty's Prison that Mr Rolle made the allegations of police brutality against two of his clients - claiming also that Rahming was beaten. He said: "The police need to be reminded they don't need to beat people to get a confession."

They just had to do their investigations and allow the prosecution to do its job, he added.

The trio's alleged crimes -- housebreaking, stealing, receiving, armed robbery, possession of unlicensed firearm and firearm possession with intent to endanger life - went as far back as November 22, 2011 when, it is claimed, they broke into the home of Byron Woodside, the former MP for Pinewood.

It is first alleged that they stole two flat screen TVs from Mr Woodside. They were accused of receiving these electronics between that raid and May 12, 2012 when they were arrested.

The three are alleged to have broken into Mr Woodside's home on a second occasion, March 1, when they allegedly stole and received his 12-gauge black Maverick shotgun worth $700. The three were then charged with stealing and receiving a 2000 silver Honda belonging to Rochelle Miller. It is claimed they stole the $6,500 car between April 23 and 24.

On May 11, Darren Ingraham was held up with a shot gun by three men and robbed of a gold chain, cross charm, ring and black watch together valued at $1,750. It is claimed the accused were the robbers.

The next day, May 12, it is claimed the three put the lives of Darren and Brian Ingraham in danger when they were in possession of the unlicensed 12-gauge shotgun and two shells.

They were lastly charged in connection with causing $950 worth of damage to the wall of Perry Romer in Prince Charles Drive when they reportedly crashed a car into it.

The accused pleaded not guilty to all of the charges brought against them, except the armed robbery. They were not allowed to enter a plea on that charge.

After all of the charges were read, police prosecution indicated their intent to have all the matters forwarded to the Supreme Court for trial through a Voluntary Bill of Indictment. That is scheduled to be served on August 14.

Chief Magistrate Gomez noted Mr Rolle's police brutality complaint for the record before remanding the accused to prison.


concernedcitizen 8 years, 9 months ago

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paul_vincent_zecchino 8 years, 9 months ago

"Stealing from the home of FNM MInister Byron Woodside...."

Ah well, the pattern's coming clear and surely will come clearer in the future.

"Fishbagged"? Is this waterboarding on a budget? Or a ruse? TIme will tell, won't it.

Alleged murderers who break into the homes of FNM ministers during times of national elections?

Worthy of consideration, isn't it?

Paul Vincent Zecchino Manasota Key, Florida 17 May, 2012


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