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Webshops 'accountable' for effects of gambling'

SOCIAL Services Minister Melanie Griffin yesterday said the Gaming Bill will now hold web shop operators accountable for ensuring that “counselling, education” and “assistance” are provided for “compulsive gamblers”.

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'It was never TUC's intention to shut the country down'

TRADE Union Congress President Obie Ferguson said that despite leading a strike last week, which interrupted public health care services, it was never his intention to “shut the country down.”

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Car stolen from yard of FNM deputy leader

FNM DEPUTY Leader Loretta Butler-Turner said she feels “uneasy” and “violated” after one of her cars was stolen from her yard on Tuesday night.

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Bill passed to scrap mandatory minimums

A BILL to abolish the controversial mandatory minimum sentences implemented by the former Ingraham administration was one of a compendium of bills debated in the House of Assembly yesterday as part of the government’s effort to modernise the judicial system and curb crime in the country.

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Ebola rumour ‘completely untrue’

HEALTH Minister Dr Perry Gomez last night shot down “bogus” reports that a patient died in Doctors Hospital after contracting the Ebola virus.

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No snub for Minnis, says FNM deputy amid claims of tensions

FNM DEPUTY Leader Loretta Butler-Turner yesterday denied she had “snubbed” party leader Dr Hubert Minnis at a private event that was held for her in North Abaco over the weekend.

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New rules to tackle illegal immigration

IMMIGRATION Minister Fred Mitchell announced that government will impose new immigration restrictions in a bid to clamp down on illegal migration, particularly from Haiti.

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Ammunition and $200,000 worth of stolen cars found in container

MORE than $200,000 worth of stolen vehicles, ammunition and electronics were discovered by the Department of Customs and police after an extensive investigation into what is believed to be a major smuggling operation with ties to the United States.

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Lawyer wants to quiz prosecutor over claim of death threats

A MAN applying for bail ahead of his murder trial wants to probe a prosecutor’s claim that he threatened her with death.